June 2018

Large Park
A Summer Preview of What’s New and Fun
A summer preview of new attractions at Knott’s Berry Farm, Legoland California, SeaWorld San Diego and Orlando, Disney’s Toy Story Land and Cedar Point.

Smaller Attractions at Waterparks Appeal to Younger Guests and Non-Thrill Seekers 
Along with the big thrills, smaller attractions keep guests having fun at waterparks around the country. 

Bonus Sidebar: Dry Offerings – Waterparks Offer Playgrounds, Gardens and More

The Buzz Boyz 
Trends Report: Taking the Pulse of the Industry So Far This Year
Industry experts Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky look at industry trends 4.5 months into 2018.

International Vendor Spotlight
The Picture Is Perfect for Digital Centre’s Eclipse PhotoBooth 
A look at Digital Centre’s Eclipse PhotoBooth in the United Arab Emirates.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling 
How to Strike it Right with Food Offerings at Bowling Centers 
For bowling center guests, food and fun go hand-in-hand.

Bowling Center Hiring and Training Best Practices 
Bowling center managers and owners agree that personalized training and choosing the best hires makes all the difference in providing customer service. 

Talking Turkey about Upkeep – Being the Best at Routine Bowling Center Maintenance 
How bowling centers make sure all systems are go for great customer service and fun.

Location Profile: Alley Katz Rolls Along with a Relaxed Vibe 
A look at Alley Katz in Texas, where the Qubica AMF scoring system can be personalized.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating 
Roller Skating – Staff Training Tips 
For this article, rink staff offered their training tips.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Train Skating Lesson Instructors

Entertainment Center Report · Company Profile 
A Look at Family Entertainment Group’s FECs 
A look at the success of 14-year-old Family Entertainment Group (FEG).

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag 
When the Gear Needs Replacing – Tips to Upgrade Laser Tag Equipment 
Why careful thought and planning is needed when the laser tag gear needs an upgrade.

Bonus Sidebar: Getting at Germs: Keeping Vests and Phasers Clean 

Entertainment Center Report · Mini Golf and Go-Karts  
Mood Music and More – How Mini Golf and Go-Kart Venues Are Rethinking Entertainment 
How three entertainment centers offer the best miniature golf and go-kart experiences. 

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks 
Trampoline Center Strategies to Get Guests Jumping for More
In this article, trampoline park officials discuss how they make their centers appealing to guests.

Bonus Vendor Sidebar: Big Air Adds Ropes Course and Clip n’ Climb to Attract More Guests 

Food Service Spotlight
Food for the Ages – Tailoring the Menu to the Demographic at Zoos and Aquariums 
For this article, zoos and aquariums offered their tips to serve the right food to a diverse demographic.

Bonus Sidebar: Secrets for Pies that Please – Pizza-Making Tips from Zoo and Aquarium Restaurants 

Street Beat 
Trends from the Coin-Op Trenches – Operators’ Top Games and Redemption Prizes 
Operators discuss popular games and prizes.

Advice from the Route – Hiring and Training Considerations 
Perspectives on route staff hiring and training from coin-operated game operators. 

Bonus Sidebar: Uniforms or Street Clothes – Which Types of Fashion Functions Best?   

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
How Party Rentals Companies Stay On Top 
Strategies from party rental companies to get the word out about their businesses. 

Bonus Sidebar: How Do You Make a Good First Impression with a New Customer 

Haunted Attractions 
Realizing Extra Revenue – Food and Souvenir Concessions at Haunted Attractions
Haunt operators are offering food, drink and sometimes even souvenirs to round out the experience for guests.

Museum Spotlight
Re-Innovating Exhibitions – How Museums Are Changing the Way Audiences Experience Art, Culture and History
Trends in exhibits and experiences from museums in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.

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