April/May 2018

The Large Park Report  

Brewing Up Business – Large Parks and the Craft Beer Craze 
Several large parks and resorts have noticed the craft beer trend and are incorporating specialty brews into their beverage programs. 

A Waterpark Improvement Checklist – Four Ways to Spruce Up for Spring 
This story contains a rundown of waterparks’ top priorities as they prepare for opening day. 

Bonus Sidebar: How to Keep Water Safe and Clean 

Spotlight on Design 
Amusement Park Design Trends – From Landscaping to Keeping the Crowds Moving 
This story looks at amusement park design trends.

Attraction Spotlight
Fun Spot America Expands to Georgia
The Fun Spot America team will deliver their brand of family fun in Georgia.

The Buzz Boyz 
2018: The Trends Are Positive
A look at business trends in 2018.

Attendee Perspectives – The Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)  
TAP Contributing Writer Hilary Danailova caught up with two regular F2FEC attendees to find out why this event is so valuable for the industry.

F2FEC 2018: What They Learned – Ideas Abound in Soulful Room of Industry Leaders 
The Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference, held this year at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colo. from Feb. 20-22, focused on business culture with the theme of “soul.” 

Entertainment Center Report · Expanded Roller Skating Section  
Where Fun Foods Remain Favorites – Feeding Guests at Roller Skating Centers
Roller skating center guests still crave everything from burgers and fries to pizza and funnel cakes.

Bonus Sidebar: Beefing Up the Menu – What Is New and Why Were These Items Added? 

From the Paint to the Carpet – Design Tips to Engage Customers at Roller Skating Rinks
For this article, skate centers offered their top tips to engage customers.

A Great Business Starts with Great Employees – Roller Skating Staff Training Tips
This story contains managers’ techniques for best staff training.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
Extending a Neighborly Hello – Tips to Get Guests to Visit 
Tips from bowling centers on increasing visitation.

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag  
Advice to Keep Improving the Laser Tag Experience – Soliciting and Listening to Customer Feedback
A look at how to get your customers to comment honestly about their experiences. 

Bonus Sidebar: Handling Hostile Guests 

Entertainment Center Report · Miniature Golf and Go-Karts 
Clean Courses and Quick Karts – Safety and Maintenance for the Busy Season
This article explores how safety and aesthetics are two priorities for venues with mini golf courses and go-kart tracks.

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks  
Making the Food Part of the Fun at Trampoline Parks – Advice to Craft a Profitable Menu What kind of food items do energetic trampoline park patrons crave when they stop to refuel? 

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Dessert Best-Sellers and Why? 

Food Service Spotlight
Arranging the Kitchen Equipment for Maximum Efficiency at Zoos and Aquariums
How a variety of locations handle food service with the right kitchen equipment.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Most Valuable Piece of Kitchen Equipment? 

Street Beat  
Favorite Toys, Candy and Prizes for Bulk Vending Machines
The best bets for merchandise success for bulk vending machines.

Bonus Sidebar: What Are Your Top-Earning Machines?  

Routes to Success – Advice to Expand Your Coin-Op Reach 
Operators discuss their business strategies.

Haunted Attractions 
A Picture Perfect Haunt – Design Tips from the Experts
There are many factors to consider when designing the perfect haunt. For this article, several venues weighed in on the process.

Bonus Sidebar: What Is Your Haunt’s Best Design Feature and What Makes It Unique? 

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