February/March 2018

The Large Park Report 
A Season for Fun More of the Year – Staving Off Shutdowns at Large Parks 
A look at the special considerations generated by extended operational seasons.

Making Inside Waves – The Latest Trends for Indoor Waterparks 
A look at how five waterparks are improving for the future. 

Bonus Sidebar: Keeping the Food Choices Fresh  

The Buzz Boyz
A Look at the Tax Law 
A look at the new tax law, and a preview of the next Foundations Entertainment University.

Perspectives in Crisis Management 
How To Handle the Media 
Linda Blackman explores the important topic of crisis management.

Entertainment Center Report · Spotlight on Mentoring Employees  
Passing on the Knowledge at Bowling Centers – Tips to Create Leaders Who Will Mentor Others
Asked how they cultivate leadership in their employees, bowling center owners and managers are in agreement: Great staff starts with great hires.

TAP Vendor Spotlight 
Evolutions in Virtual Reality Attractions
Today’s Virtual Reality (VR) technology differs from previous incarnations of even a few years ago. 

Entertainment Center Report · Spotlight on Getting Ready for the Season
Prepping for the People – How Go-Kart and Mini-Golf Attractions Get Set for the Season 
How attractions ensure their facilities are ready for the rush of visitors when school’s out and the warm weather hits. 

Bonus Sidebar: A Checklist – Five Tips for Preparing for the Big Crowds 

Trampoline Parks – Tips for Safer Jumping 
To stay successful, trampoline parks devote a significant amount of time to devising and enforcing safety protocols.

AAMA FEC Corner – Boosting Attendance at FECs
A look at  how a selection of facilities boost their attendance.

Entertainment Center Report – Vendor Perspective 
Is It Time to Rethink Entertainment in Malls? 
Why should mall developers consider Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) as renters at their malls? The answer is simple: foot traffic.

Entertainment Center Report · Spotlight on Laser Tag 
Shooting for the Best Theme – Setting the Scene at Laser Tag Arenas 
Why theming well is always the right choice for laser tag locations.

Best Maintenance Tips for Laser Tag Centers 
The impact of patrons on the equipment and the facility pose the biggest challenges for laser tag operators.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Tips to Keep Laser Tag Arenas Clean  

Expanded Street Beat Section 
Creating the Best Arcades at Laser Tag Centers
In this article, laser tag arena managers discuss the attributes of a great arcade.

Trends in Bulk Vending and Other Coin-op Machines 
For this article, operators discussed their current top device performers, and explained why these machines are poised for continued success this year. 

Games and Prizes that Are Tops – Perspectives from Operators and Locations 
For this article, operators and location officials offered their current game and prize favorites.

Food Service Spotlight · Focus on Fun Foods 
Making the Food Fun at Family Entertainment Centers, Amusement Parks and Waterparks
While rides and activities might be the reason for the visit, fun foods add much to guest satisfaction.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News  
Seeking Inflatable Insurance Coverage – What You Need to Know to Come Out on Top 
Three inflatable rental company owners discuss insurance trends.

Bonus Sidebar: Six Tips for Lowering Insurance Rates 

Upkeep Report 
Zoos, Aquariums and Museums – Tips for Keeping the Facility Looking Great
How a variety of facilities keep their attractions looking great.

Caring for Costumes – Advice from Haunts and Escape Rooms 
For this article, haunt operators nationwide offered their maintenance tips for disguises.

Bonus Sidebar: Why Make-up Often Wins Over Masks. 

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