November 2017

Cover Feature: Tourist Attractions & Parks Vendor Spotlight
The Focus is Still Family and Quality for Sacoa, Inc.
A look at Sacoa Entertainment, where family and quality are the touchstones of the business.

The Large Park Report
A Virtually Flawless Plan for Fun – A Virtual Future for Large Parks and Resorts
In this installment, The Large Park Report examines virtual reality and the theme park experience.

Riding a Wave of Industry Trends: 2018 and Beyond
This article looks at what families headed to the waterpark really want.

The Buzz Boyz
An Industry in Focus: Operating in the Positive
Why “positive” is the operative word for the fun industry.

Entertainment Center Report · International News Feature
A First for Fun – A Look at China’s Inaugural Western-Style Family Entertainment Center
An interview with Bob Boyle, the co-owner of Kidz Street family entertainment center in China’s Youhao Fashion Mall, Urumqi.

 Entertainment Center Report · Bumper Cars
A Bump Up For Business – The Benefits of Bumper Cars
How facilities around the country are benefiting from Ride Development Company (RDC) bumper cars.

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks
An Exciting Evolution – Trends in Trampoline Parks
A look at trends in the trampoline and adrenaline park industry.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
Gathering Steam – Where Bowling Is Seeing the Biggest Growth
A look at business growth trends for bowling centers.

Bonus Sidebar: How to Get New Customers Rolling In 

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling Vendor Feature
Bowling: How FECs Can Evolve With the Times
A feature on remodeling with Brunswick products.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating
Renovation Stories – Painting the Perfect Upkeep Picture
How rink owners and managers are keeping their facilities fresh
and modern.

Entertainment Center Report · Ropes Courses Vendor Feature
Canada’s Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre Installs Sky Rail™ Zip Line
Wilson’s Lifestyle Centre is the first customer to receive a 220-degree Sky Rail™ zip line from Ropes Courses, Inc.

Entertainment Center Report · Attraction Financing Feature
High Octane Raceway Revs Up for the Millennials With a Free-roam Virtual Reality Attraction
A look at how a former management consultant is finding success in the entertainment center industry.

Entertainment Center Report · Go-Kart Vendor Feature
A Look at Shaller Go-Karts
Why Shaller continues to lead the go-kart market in innovation.

Entertainment Center Report · Special Spotlight on Leadership
Keeping the Zip in Laser Tag Employees
This article looks at how center management keeps staff members engaged and satisfied.

The Secrets of Effective Leadership – How Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Venues Are Inspiring Employees
Leadership advice from three attraction managers.

Bouns Sidebar: Getting Employees to Think Bigger – Four Tips 

Entertainment Center Report · Soft Play
Trends in Soft Play and the Future of the Industry
A look at Gizmo’s Fun Factory in Orland Park, Ill.

Attraction Feature
The XD Dark Ride – Raising Your Profits by Raising Guests’ Heart Rates
A look at the XD Dark Ride from Triotech at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games locations.

Retail Feature
Memory Makers – Which Souvenirs Sell Best
At zoos, amusement parks, and children’s museums around the country, souvenir shoppers gravitate toward classic souvenirs.

Bonus Sidebar: It’s All in the Name  – What Is Your Best-Selling Name-Dropped Souvenir?  

Street Beat
Flipping a Coin for Fun – Trends in the Coin-Op Industry
How coin-op companies are innovating and evolving with the times.

Bonus Sidebar: Driving Business: A Look at Route Vehicles 

Bonus Sidebar:  To Buy or To Lease? Owning the Route Vehicle Situation 

A Coin-Op Games Report – Surprise 2017 Hits and the Reliable Units that Always Earn
A look at games that drew players in 2017.

Treasures that Take the Prize – Trends in Arcade Redemption Prizes
Which prize types are big hits at family fun centers and arcades.

Where the Payoff Is Play – Trends in Arcade Games at Family Entertainment Centers
Owners and managers discuss trends in FEC arcades.

Bonus Sidebar: Dusting for Prints – Tips to Keep Arcade Games Clean 

Food Service Spotlight · Special Amusement Park Edition
The Best-Selling Foods – What’s on the Amusement Park Menu
A look at popular menu items at a selection of parks.

Bonus Sidebar: Great Deals for Diners – Where Is Your Menu Priced Right? 

Keeping Parks Cooking – The Best Kitchen Equipment and Design Features
How kitchen equipment and kitchen design features contribute to a park’s success.

Bonus Sidebar: Spotless Spaces  – Top Tips to Keep the Kitchen Clean 

Zoo, Aquariums and Museums
Accommodating Guests – Industry Perspectives on Serving the Public
Zoos, aquariums and museums are eager to accommodate guests with special requirements.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
The Facets of Safe Fun – Safety Tips from Amusement Rental Companies
Amusement rental company owners and managers discuss keeping the experience safe for customers.

Bonus Sidebar: Which Inflatables Are Tops

Industry Perspectives
Why Are All the Insurance Companies Leaving the Inflatable Marketplace
Larry Cossio examines insuring the inflatable marketplace in this special feature.

Haunted Attractions
Safety Tips for Happy Haunting
Haunt managers and owners discuss keeping the spooky fun safe.

Bonus Sidebar: Reining In Rowdy Guests 

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