Funovation® Partners with Fun Spot to Put the Laser Maze Challenge® on Trampolines

Funovation has announced its latest distribution agreement with Fun Spot® to bring its Laser Maze Challenge® featuring Beam Buster® to trampoline parks across the globe. Whether players are dodging and weaving their way through a field of lasers in the Laser Maze Challenge or breaking as many beams as possible in Beam Buster, the addition of a trampoline floor brings the excitement and difficulty levels to new heights. Funovation and Fun Spot’s offerings can be adapted to fit into a wide range of footprints. Each maze is custom designed, built, and beamed, so no two mazes are exactly alike.

Ryan Borton, CEO at Funovation, said, ‘‘Fun Spot’s caliber of expertise and industry experience combined with our technology makes this the perfect partnership for further expanding the Laser Maze Challenge to the trampoline industry.’’ Arch Adams, CEO and President of Fun Spot said, ‘‘Fun Spot’s mission has always been to create quality products and pioneer innovation within the trampoline park industry. We know now more than ever how important it is to create a unique trampoline park with a variety of attractions. When we had the opportunity to partner with the leader in Laser Mazes it was an easy decision for us. Funovation not only shared our mission, but has helped us create a product that will soon sweep the trampoline park industry.’’

Funovation was born out of the desire to delight people through fun and exciting attractions while being highly profitable for the operator. Its framework in accomplishing this is to create heart-pounding, addictive attractions that require brain and brawn. Funovation’s premier attraction is the Laser Maze Challenge. The Laser Maze Challenge invites players to ‘‘step into the game’’ for an immersive, action-packed experience unlike any other! Using agility, quick thinking and speed, players must navigate their way through a field of laser beams in the quickest time possible, while engaging Mission Objectives along the way. Funovation’s Laser Mazes are located throughout 29 countries and counting. For more information, please visit or call 1 303-996-0294.

For more than 45 years Fun Spot has built long-term relationships by delivering innovative and reliable quality trampoline park equipment.  The company has been able to equip over 400 trampoline parks in over 20 countries, and six continents. For more information, visit or call 706-376-8989.

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