by Zone Introduces Helios Pick-up Pads by Zone has introduced Helios Pick-up Pads, a new arena device option for the Helios Pro Laser Tag system.

The Pickup Pad activates when a player steps onto the brightly colored floor pad. The player then gets to choose or purchase from a list of special powers, such as rapid fire and invincibility. Those powers are added to a backpack that the player can access and use throughout the game.

The Pickup Pads are completely customizable. For example, they can be continuously active, set to randomly turn on throughout the game or cycle from one Pad to another Pickup. They can also be set to Solo or to only allow specific team colors.

Zone Laser Tag is a leading commercial laser tag supplier, with over 260 locations in North America and 750 worldwide. Over 20 million players enjoy Zone Laser Tag annually. For more information, visit or call 866-966-3797.

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