Revention Partners with Sacoa PlayCard System

Revention announced recently its partnership with Sacoa PlayCard System, a leading global supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries.

Sacoa currently offers the following integrations for this first joint venture with Revention: login, card balance, card recharge, debit card, refund balance, card sell and zero card. These features will allow Revention to expand in its specialized sector of the hospitality industry to include more amusement parks and live music venues.

“Our company is so happy to have Revention as our latest Point of Sale partner,” said Brian Duke, new business development director for Sacoa PlayCard. “What impressed us most about Revention is their willingness to work towards a higher level of functions and guest experience for customers. I really like how Revention shares our view of providing the best for customers and I know the whole industry is going to be pleased with what our companies can offer together.”

“We are excited for this partnership with Sacoa. This integration will open up more doors for Revention’s entertainment center solutions and provide our customers with more options for their business,” said Laura J. Gaudin, director of product management at Revention.

Sacoa has been a global leader of debit cards in the amusement industry for 25 years with over 1,400 locations worldwide. For more information on their PlayCard System, please contact Brian Duke by calling 510-376-9607 or email For additional information on Revention®, go to

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