September/October 2016

Amusement Park Report

Crowd Control – How to Keep Parks Safe and Well Organized – From Food to Rides
How a selection of parks stay organized by offering advanced services to guests.

Bonus Sidebar: Five Tips to Streamline Park Operations

The Large Park Report
What’s the Future of Waterparks in the Large Parks?
In this installment of The Large Park Report, Contributing Writer Chad Emerson examines how Disney and Universal are defining the future of waterparks at their resorts.

Riding High – New Waterpark Attractions
From the venerable attractions of Disney to just-opened resorts, waterparks around the country are offering rides to wow all types of guests.

Resort Profile
A Best Bet for Fun in Biloxi – Margaritaville’s Fun Center Offers the Cloud Coaster and Much More
Family fun at Margaritaville Biloxi includes the Cloud Coaster in a fun center with attractions to please all guests.

The Buzz Boyz
2016 Analysis: The First Six Months Concludes with a Successful Bowl Expo
Why Bowl Expo 2016 was an industry direction-changing event.

AAMA Section
An introduction by AAMA’s Executive Vice President Peter Gustafson

AAMA Feature – Arcade Trends at Family Entertainment Centers
A look at popular games guests love to play at arcades across the country.

Entertainment Center Report
Bowling Centers: Getting Your Food and Beverage,Sales on a Roll
A look at how bowling centers around the country are handling food service.

Location Profile
The Fun Is Extreme in Alaska
A look at Wasilla’s Extreme Fun Center, the first FEC in Alaska.

Laser Tag
Staying Laser-Focused on Maintenance and Improvements at Laser Tag Arenas

Laser tag facility officials discuss their facility maintenance and improvement priorities.

Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Why It Is Time to Go Electric for Go Kart Tracks – A Gas to Electric Go Kart Track Conversion Case Study
An article exploring electric go-kart benefits.

Tips to Upsell Attractions
How upselling, which can improve guest satisfaction and profits, is done at attractions.

Trampoline Parks
Tips to Keep Trampoline Parks Safe and Secure
Trampoline safety is currently receiving attention from the media and the medical community. In this article TAP provides tips and advice from park owners and managers on keeping trampoline parks safe.

Rental Devices
Trends for Party Rental Companies
Which rental devices are in demand?

Street Beat
Quick Coin Profits – Keeping Bulk Vending and Redemption Machines Earning
How clean, shiny machines full of fresh, appealing items make a recipe for bulk vending success.

Food Service Spotlight
Creating Crowd Pleasers – Food Trends at Waterparks and Stadiums
A look at the food picture at attractions around the country.

Making a Splash with the Right Food – Eatery Trends at Waterparks

How waterparks are making a splash with food.

Bonus Sidebar: Top Selling New Food Items at Waterparks

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums
Making the Fun Physical – Activities to Get Guests Moving
How zoos, aquariums and museums are engaging guests’ physicality along with appealing to their intellects.
Bonus Sidebar: A Look at Luckey Climber Units

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News
Operating Right for Minimized Risk – Fail-Safe Inflatables Safety Practices
A look at operational practices to keep guests safe on inflatables.

Haunted Attractions
Countdown to the Busy Season: The Most Important Tasks

Haunted attractions thrive during the month of October, but they start preparing as early as January. For this article, Contributor Jen Heller Meservey discussed pre-season planning with haunt officials around the country.

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