June 2016

The Large Park Report
Mousing Around with Store Size – Disney Bets on Small Shops within Shops
A look at Walt Disney World’s retail picture.

Location Profile: Kalahari Poconos
The Kalahari Resorts and Conventions’ new resort in the Pocono Mountains of Pa. includes a 100,000-square-foot indoor waterpark.

 Splash Parks Offer the Fun of Water, the Safety of Land
Why splash parks are a great water play option.

The Buzz Boyz
Analysis – The Industry’s Future is Taking Shape
Industry trends and analysis from Scott Borowsky and Frank Seninsky.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling
From the Food to the Décor – Top Tips to Create the Perfect Guest Visit
Tips from bowling operators.

Bonus Sidebar: People Power – Seven Tips to Find, Hire, Train and Retain the Best

Entertainment Center Report · Perspectives on Bowling  

In Bowling, the Status Quo Won’t Do
Why reinvesting in your facility is important.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling

Centers with Themed Elements to Spare – Trends in Bowling Center Design
From a retro-look to a knight’s castle theme, bowling centers nationwide are designed to entertain guests.

Entertainment Center Report · Insurance
Bowling, Mini-Golf and Roller Skating Centers – Getting Rolling Toward Great Insurance Center managers and owners discuss insurance in this interesting article.

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling and Family Entertainment Center Update
The Changing Bowling and Family Entertainment Center Industry   

Entertainment Center Report · Bowling and Family Entertainment Center Update
The Changing Bowling and Family Entertainment Center Industry
A look at trends in the family entertainment center and bowling
center industry.

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag
Straight Shooting Advice – How FECs Are Attracting Gamers with Fresh Ideas and Special Effects
How laser tag centers are keeping the experience new and engaging.

Bonus Sidebar: How to Give New Life to Your Laser Tag Venue – Four Tips

Entertainment Center Report · Mini-Golf and Go-Karts
Staff Training: From Uniforms to Customer Service
How centers around the country are handling staff training issues.

Entertainment Center Report – Bumper Cars
A Solid Hit: Bumper Cars
How centers are integrating bumper cars into the Entertainment Center experience.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating Centers

Top Tips to Keep a Roller Skating Center in Tip-Top Shape
A look at roller skating rink maintenance and design strategies.

To Keep Customers Rolling, Keep Things Clean – Tips for Keeping Your Roller Skating Facility Looking New
How skating centers stay clean.

Entertainment Center Report · Trampoline Parks
Getting Sales Jumping – Trends in Food Operations at Trampoline Parks 
A look at the food service picture at trampoline parks across the nation.

Street Beat
Prize Packages – Prizes Can Rule at Arcades
Why redemption prizes are good business.

Game On – The Hottest New Redemption Games Plus The Top Prizes
A look at redemption game and prize trends at centers around the country.

The Operators’ Perspective – Challenges and Solutions for the Coin-op Industry
Operators discuss the ups and downs of the current coin-op business climate.

Food Service Spotlight
Serving the Masses – All-Ages Menus at FECs
How FECs create longer and more satisfying guest visits by offering food and beverage choices that appeal to guests of all ages.

Bowling for Bargains – Creating the Best Food Deals at Bowling Centers
How bowling centers are catering to customers with food.

Bonus Sidebar: Healthy Food Choices at Bowling Centers

Zoos, Aquariums and Museums
Plug and Play – How Science Centers Use Technology to Enhance Exhibits

How museums and science centers are using technology to create engaging exhibits.

Bonus Sidebar: The Tech Race – How the Iowa Science Center Is Keeping Up

Bonus Sidebar: Putting Tech on the Back Burner – The Unusual Story Behind the Maryland Science Center

Services to Serve the Public  – Special Events, Classes and Member Incentives
Zoos are doing well with extras.

Expanding Beyond the Walls – Trends in Temporary and High-Tech Museum Exhibits
How museums are appealing to everyone.

Bonus Sidebar: Press Play – A Guide to the Ultimate High-Tech Museum Experience

Amusement Rental and Inflatable News
Creating a Stand-Up Staff – Training Tips to Increase Rentals and Party Package Values Training tips from the experts.

Bonus Sidebar: Adding Eats Treats – Food Machines and the Party Package

Haunted Attractions
Top Tips to Maintain Safety
How haunted attractions keep guests, and their staff members, safe in a sometimes unpredictable environment.

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