By Zone Introduces Briefing Video for the Hearing Impaired

2-hand-explain by Zone has just released an industry first: a closed captioned briefing video for those players who are deaf or hearing impaired. Now all players can understand both concepts and rules for laser tag attractions that utilize by Zone equipment.


“As an industry, we’ve been catering to customers that are deaf, though for many it has been difficult,” said Erik Guthrie, vice president of by Zone. “It’s rare to find a Game Marshal that has sufficient training in American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate important information such as safety rules and instructions on how to utilize the equipment efficiently. We’re proud to be the first company to offer the tools for our operators to utilize to meet those needs.”


With these new briefing videos, deaf communities across North America have an exciting option of going to play at laser tag facilities and to feel like they have been welcomed and catered to. This will open up new revenue opportunities for operators to reach out to those communities in their area for events like birthdays and corporate and group outings. by Zone operators can gain access to the new closed captioned videos by accessing their Operator Marketing Kit online. Operators looking for login access to the Online Marketing Kit can contact Erik Guthrie at for details.


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