F2FEC Conference Closes with Flair, Announces Theme for 2016 Event

The first F2FEC conference closed with two dramatic media presentations thanking the Alliance and Media Partners, singling out and recognizing every attendee in the room, introducing the 2016 conference dates and announcing “10x Better” as the theme for next year’s event.

Scenes from the F2FEC conference. Photos by Tim Sealy

Scenes from the F2FEC conference. Photos by Tim Sealy

The sold-out inaugural experience was attended by more than 180 from the United States and Canada. The participants represented 83 entertainment facilities, 31 partnering companies, six media partners, freelance writers, photographers, presenters and iconic guests. Industry segments represented, under the F2F umbrella of entertainment centers, included traditional family entertainment centers, bowling alleys, bowling centers, roller skating centers, trampoline parks, mobile attractions, cinemas and multiplexes, barcades, restaurants, vending operations, arcades, street operators, hybrid parks, golf courses and casinos.

“F2FEC came together because of the collaboration and support we received from our M&S and media partners,” said Ben Jones, one of the organizers, who call themselves The Three Amigos, after the event.

Scenes from the F2FEC conference. Photos by Tim Sealy

Scenes from the F2FEC conference. Photos by Tim Sealy

Quotes from conference attendees included:

“Without a doubt this was the most rewarding conference I have ever been to. Your hard work, enthusiasm and love of what you do, frankly wore me out but what a ride.” – Brian Chilton, Circus Circus Hotel and Casino

“You guys (referring to the Amigos) did a really great thing creating F2F and I am looking forward to being part of it in the years to come! Yes I am sure I will have some direct sales out of the conference. I will keep improving myself to be called truthfully the Best of the Best.” – Peter Raidt, Eurobungy

“It was readily apparent how much work went into F2F, and it was a first-class production.  You guys get it, and the event will end up transforming the industry year after year.” – Brad Little, Hey Day Entertainment

“You deserve another standing ovation. Everything you did to make this event spectacular paid off, from the moment we arrived to the last event. All of your hard work for the industry is greatly appreciated. It was truly an honor to be part of the F2FEC experience.” – Sheryl Bindelglass, Sheryl Golf

Details pertaining to the 2016 F2FEC experience to be held in Phoenix the last week in February 2016, and the EPIC Charrette scheduled for the first week in October 2015 will be posted soon to www.f2conference.com.

(For more information contact: Rick Iceberg, CJ Barrymore’s, mail@cjbarrymores.com;  Ben Jones, Live Oak Bank, benrjones@comcast.net; or George Smith, Family Entertainment Group, geosmith4756@gmail.com.)

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