F2FEC 2016: Dates and Cities Narrowed While the Theme of 10X Better Is Enhanced at Amusement Expo

Next year’s F2FEC experience will continue the same conference format of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and will again be scheduled in mid or late February, either February 16-18 or February 23-25. Locations under consideration, in addition to Phoenix, are Orlando, Clearwater/St. Petersburg, Miami, Tucson, San Diego and San Antonio.


“The 2016 conference RFP is in the hands of several planners and we’ve received proposals from a dozen resorts with representation in each of our selected markets,” said one of the organizers, or Amigos, Ben Jones of Live Oak Bank.

“Unique to our vision is the tone-setting combination of location, climate and environment. These integral parts help establish just the right vibe that is vital to our face-to-face format and the kind of interaction and rhythm we create throughout the F2FEC Experience. We’re open to where as long as the critical elements support our vision,” Jones said.

The 2016 theme for F2FEC of 10X Better, announced in Phoenix, builds on the Amigos’ industry message of Change or Die. This theme transformed into Buy or Die and Invest to Live for the standing-room-only crowd who joined the encore Amigos presentation at Amusement Expo on March 24.

“To elevate your business and remain relevant we must invest and buy new games, attractions and equipment,” explained Amigo George Smith. Adding to that was Amigo Rick Iceberg, who said, “You get to be 10X better by focusing more on fewer things and exploiting your strengths.”

The Amigos anticipate another sell-out conference. Hold the dates in February if you are considering joining industry leadership voices during the F2FEC Experience in 2016. For those invited and planning to attend the Industry Think Event, known as EPIC Charrette, hold the dates of October 6-8, 2016.

The unique F2FEC gathering brings together professionals from the vast spectrum of entertainment center segments, including design, manufacturing, distribution, media and facility operations. The attendees have meaningful and spontaneous conversations with a revenue-generating and trend-forward focus to help everyone develop relationships, increase profitability, share in creating what’s next and to be equipped to advocate for entertainment centers and lead the industry.

Images from the sold-out, inaugural F2FEC conference.  Photos  by Tim Sealy

Images from the sold-out, inaugural F2FEC conference. Photos by Tim Sealy

F2FEC seeks to attract the best-of-the-best veteran owners and operators alongside experienced professionals in a level-playing-field, all-in format. F2FEC is independent, philanthropically produced with membership or affiliation with specific organizations or trade associations not a requisite to apply to attend.

Details pertaining to attendance, alliance and media partnerships for 2016 will be announced in the coming months. For more information about F2FEC and the industry think event, EPIC Charrette, visit  F2Conference.com or contact Amigos: Rick Iceberg, CJ Barrymore’s, mail@cjbarrymores.com, 810-444-2222; Ben Jones, Live Oak Bank, benrjones@comcast.net, 248-371-0700; or George Smith, Family Entertainment Group, geosmith4756@gmail.com, 630-240-8261.

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