April/May 2015

The Large Park Report 

Going Mobile – Large Parks and the Food Truck Craze

Mobile food vendors are gaining popularity at a fast-paced clip. This article explores how large parks are getting in on the food truck action.


Keeping Up with Upkeep – Advice and Best Practices for a Clean Waterpark

Waterparks that have sat still and empty during the winter will soon be flowing with guests and good times. To ensure a successful season, now is the time to finish addressing spring maintenance issues.

Getting the Best Water Filtration Results: 11 Tips 

Food Service Spotlight · Trends in Locations  

Food and Beverage Trends at Entertainment Attractions 

Whether discussing food and beverage sales at entertainment attractions or food service concepts, strong trends are emerging in the food and beverage industry and at attraction-oriented stores.

Food Service Spotlight · Entertainment Center Report 

Securing a Piece of the Food-Profits Pie – Food Trends at Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers 
At facilities that offer mini-golf and go-karts, food can be an integral part of a guest’s experience and of the facility’s revenue.

Run Away or Sit and Stay – What Are the Best Meal Choices? 

Food Service Spotlight · Entertainment Center Report 

Rolling with the Best Staff – Tips to Hire Bowling Center Food Workers  

For bowling centers, personality is often a better indicator of what will constitute a good food service employee than restaurant experience.

Creating a Culture Where Employees Care 

Entertainment Center Report · Special Design Trends Feature

A League of Its Own – New Family Entertainment Center Takes the Concept to Exciting Levels

With an upscale vibe and one-of-a-kind offerings, PINSTACK in Plano, Texas, which was opened in January by Entertainment Properties Group, is a bowling and entertainment center that is making a big splash.

Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating Centers  

Getting Interest in Skating Spinning – Tips to Get Guests Roller Skating 

Like most pastimes, roller skating has gone in and out of fashion, but operators said that it is enjoying a comeback. This article contains tips on keeping a center relevant and profitable.

The Roller Skating Rodeo Roundup – Convention and Trade Show 2015 Information Box

Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag

Keeping a Laser Focus on Trends – How Popular Venues Are Keeping Up with Demand 
Advice from laser tag center managers and owners on how to keep guests entertained and visiting again and again.

Five Tips for Staying in the Laser Tag Game  

Street Beat

Quick Prizes for Fast Profits – The Hottest Redemption Games 

What are the hottest, most popular redemption games in today’s coin-operated game market? Throughout the United States, different games earn the top spot in varied locations, according to operators.

Bulked-Up Earnings – How to Win Success with Bulk Vending Machines 

What spells success for bulk vending operators? The top locations and machines vary, but the bottom line is the same – attract customers to the machines and get them to come back for more.

Industry Innovations: A Special Report 

High-Energy Solutions to Help Individuals Evolve and Rethink Their Businesses – The Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) 

This section offers coverage of the first Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC), which was held at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, Ariz., in late February.

Zoos, Aquariums & Museums

Offering Great Eats that Can’t Be Beat – Tips to Sell More Food 
Making purchasing easy, offering homegrown products and enticing visitors with tantalizing scents are some of the ways museums, zoos and aquariums keep food sales humming. 

Six Cool Ways to Keep Refrigerators Clean

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News · Special Events

Coming Together for Fun – Tips to Create the Best Special Events

What makes a special event special?  In this article, four inflatable rental companies, who together pull off nearly 30,000 events annually, and have a combined 50-plus years of business experience, weighed in on what it takes to make an event soar.

Haunted Attractions 

Clowns, Zombies and Classic Scares – The Hottest Haunt Characters for Halloween 2015 

Zombies, ax murderers, sadistic clowns and classic Frankenstein’s monsters all make great characters at haunted attractions—but what will be the hottest haunt characters in 2015?

From Brainstorming to Mining the Classics – How Haunts Find Fresh Characters 


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