February/March 2015

The Large Park Report 

Advice from Large Parks on Finding the Best Vendors

To commemorate Tourist Attractions & Parks’ annual Buyer’s Guide directory, Contributor Chad Emerson discussed strategies for finding the best vendors with large parks.

The Large Park Report · Attraction Profile: TRIOTECH and Cedar Fair


Keeping Up with the Current – Best Practices for Waterpark Maintenance and Safety

The ability to welcome guests to a pristine waterpark requires a blend of successful elements. What are some key methods to achieve the perfect recipe for success?

Spotless Slides – Maintenance Tips to Keep Rides Clean and Inviting 

Family Entertainment Center Report · Bowling

The Insurance Climate and Tips for Finding the Best Insurance 

The insurance picture from the perspective of bowling centers.

Family Entertainment Center Report  · Product Spotlight News 

A look at several of the attractions at the new Pinstack location in Plano, Texas. 

Family Entertainment Center Report · Mini Golf and Go-Kart Report

The Well-Managed Center  –  Training Tips from Owners and Managers 

Tips to succeed at teaching staff members new skills from mini golf and go-karts centers.

What is your top tip to succeed at teaching staff memebers new skills?

Family Entertainment Center Report · Roller Skating Centers 

Avoiding a Past-Its-Prime Look – Tips to Update and Upgrade a Center 

Roller skating center spokespeople offer advice on updating and upgrading a center.

Making First Impressions Count: Ideas for Entryway
Spruce Ups

Family Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag 

Top Tips for a Profitable Center in 2015

How keeping games affordable and other strategies keep attractions profitable.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Laser Tag Industry News 

Family Entertainment Center Report · Location Profile 

An Aging Bowling Alley Goes High-Tech with Laser Tag, an Arcade and More 

The story of Lake George Bowl in Lake George, N.Y.

Family Entertainment Center Report · Vendor Spotlight

A Game Changer – The Story Behind a New Las Vegas Arcade

How a casino tapped Sacoa, a wireless systems provider with offices in Denver, to revamp its rebranded Big Apple Coaster & Arcade, a big draw on the Vegas Strip for families and parties.

Street Beat

Bulking Up on Bulk Vending Business – Trends and Tips for Success

The scoop on bulk vending machine success, with owners, operators and vending machine experts weighing in with their top tips of the trade.

Chasing a Winning Streak – A Crane Machine Update 

Crane operators know that a well-placed and appropriately-stocked machine can create a winning streak of profits for its owners.

Playing it Safe: Three Tips for Cranes 

Where Tech-Savvy Meets Nostalgia – The Best Coin-Operated Games Operators share strategies for success in today’s business climate.

Promoting New Coin-Operated Games: Three Tips 

Food Service Spotlight

Tips to Buy the Best – The Food Service Equipment Picture at Zoos, Aquariums and Museums 

Although exhibits and attractions generally take center stage at zoos, aquariums, museums and botanical gardens, the truth is that all visitors eventually get hungry. Cue the many restaurants and concession stands waiting in the wings at these facilities.

Advice for Apple-Pie Order – Top Food Equipment Cleaning Tips 

Paying Mind to the Menu – Food Is Tops on Food Operation Improvement Lists 

When Tourist Attractions and Parks magazine asked family fun center owners and managers to name their top choice for an improvement to the food service area, all of their answers revolved around the food itself.

Softening the Effects of Standing, But Complicating Cleaning – The Pros and Cons of Kitchen Floor Mats

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News 

Getting the Biggest Bounce from Inflatables – Maintenance Tips for a Long Life

Advice from party rental companies on staying safe while still profiting from well-maintained inflatables.

Haunted Attractions 

Creating Characters – How to Combine Masks and Makeup for a Scarier Haunt

The pros and cons of choosing which costumes best fit the bill at haunts: masks or makeup.

Keeping Costumed Workers Comfortable: Four Tips


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