Industry Conference Is Sold Out

F2FEC is sold out. With support and dedication from the conference’s alliance and media partners, this invitation-only conference has achieved its attendance goals.

The inaugural F2FEC experience for the entertainment center sector is being held February 24-26, 2015 in Phoenix at the Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort. F2FEC, or the Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference, is a North American conference for the benefit of entertainment center professionals, including manufacturers, suppliers and operators, touching each of the EC industry’s genres, sectors and communities. The F2FEC Experience is slated to be an annual event, held each year the last week in February.

“We established many goals and followed new directions in planning  F2FEC and we enthusiastically share these with our alliance and media partners. The input we’ve received from the M&S community along the way and the mutual trust we share with our Partners is why F2FEC reached its attendance and diversity milestones,” said Ben Jones of Live Oak Bank and one of the Three Amigos and co-founders of the F2FEC Experience.

“The buzz has been fantastic, the feedback and suggestions from our sponsors vital, and the result is that best operators in the country are coming and these things are pushing us in a positive way to deliver on our promise – a bigger, badder, bolder and different experience without long boring presentations and speeches,” said Rick Iceberg, another of the co-founding Amigos.

“The conference is about one thing: the industry. Our sellout list of facility owners, alliance and media partners ( absolutely supports our primary objective, which is for our businesses and industry to come together in support of a more positive future and to uncover ways to remain relevant for long-term growth and prosperity,” remarked George Smith, Family Entertainment Group, and another of the co-founding Three Amigos.

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