Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Alliance Announced

Lazer Runner and Zone Laser Tag, the two largest laser tag companies who supply over 52 percent of the world laser tag locations with quality equipment, have announced the formation of an alliance open to the premier laser tag suppliers.

This new group is the Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Alliance (LTMSA) and includes not only Lazer Runner and Zone Laser Tag but the top arena building companies such as ARC Arenas and Art Attack/RUSH Arenas.  Rounding out the industry group are the best tactical laser tag companies Adventure Sports, Battlefield Sports, iCombat and Laser Tag Pro.

Lazer Runner’s Vice President Paul Savard said, “The LTMSA is an exciting group that will help elevate the standards of the laser tag industry and we are proud to be a charter member.”  Echoing that sentiment was Erik Guthrie, vice president of Zone Laser Tag, part of the Zone Laser Group of Companies.  Erik said, “An alliance with the premier suppliers in the industry allows all of us to become more successful including the operators and the manufacturers.”Laser Tag Manufacturers and Suppliers Alliance

These companies are the world’s best providers in their respective categories and understand that an alliance that helps to educate the buyer, increases the operator’s profitability and raises the standards can only serve to make the laser tag industry even more successful.

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