Spotlight on the Coin-op Industry
A Question and Answer Interview with TRIOTECH

The coin-op industry remains important for TRIOTECH. It is where the company made its debut and still represents a solid portion of its revenues. Some of the company’s most tenured and loyal customers are in this segment. This is why TRIOTECH is still a member of the key industry associations and attends shows such as the AMOA and IAAPA’s FEC conference. The United States market is strong again after the slowdown at the end of the previous decade, and now spirits are up, and so is business, according to TRIOTECH’s Christian Martin, vice president, marketing. Here is a question and answer feature with Martin regarding the coin-op industry.

Tourist Attractions & Parks: What are the latest technological trends in the coin-op industry?

TRIOTECH’s Christian Martin: One of the big trends is the multi-player experience. Even though multi-player exists in an in-home entertainment context, it is not the same experience, as it is limited to the gaming itself and offers limited interaction with others before and after the experience. From an out-of-home amusement perspective, people thrive on this group play. People want to have fun together, in pairs, in groups. They want a shared experience and they want to share before and after the gaming itself. This is something that can hardly be duplicated at home.

TAP: How are technological advances in the coin-op industry helping business?

CM: It’s a tech world out there. People are used to technology from their home computers, gaming consoles, smart phones, tablets, etc. So bringing a higher level of technology to coin-op is helping to keep coin-op relevant. For instance, realistic motion simulation and state-of-the-art graphics draws consumers.

TAP: What is the technological change that is a customer favorite?

CM: There is multi-player of course, and there is graphics. People are always more demanding about graphics and if you can blow them out of the water, that is what they want.

TAP: What is your top tip for promoting new coin-op technology.

 CM: Promote the fun and multi-player aspect. A great user experience, in a pair or group setting, will have players ranting and raving, telling stories, wanting more.

That’s what it’s all about.

(For more information, call TRIOTECH at (514) 354-8999 ext. 210 or (514) 603-4732.)

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