A Question and Answer Interview with Tami Dean, General Manager, Ride Development Company (RDC)

Tourist Attractions & Parks:  What are current equipment trends in the bumper car industry?

Tami Dean: Over the years, there has been a marked trend toward tube system bumper cars rather than the traditional dodgem electric cars. The tube cars are simply more durable and easier to maintain.  Recently, some owners and operators are asking for additional options such as illuminated cars that incorporate lights.  RDC only offers an LED option.  We have found LED lights are more durable, modern and appealing and can withstand the constant bumping more so than conventional bulb lights.  Naturally, notwithstanding all the bells and whistles, our customers want, first and foremost, many years of reliability in their investment. That’s where RDC excels.

TAP: What is your top tip for promoting bumper cars?

TD: Our number one promotional “tip” is to encourage potential customers to call our current clients and ask about RDC’s quality, reliability, reputation and follow up. We have found our current clients are our best salespeople.

TAP: What are the top locations for bumper cars?

TD: RDC sells its bumper cars to a variety of owners and operators who want our product in high-traffic areas.  We sell to theme parks, FECs, bowling establishments, skating rinks, waterparks and resorts.  RDC has served clients in over 28 countries and that number is increasing every year.

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