Playing Around with Placement
How to Give Redemption Games the Best Spot

Vendors and arcade operators agree that instant-win redemption games can act as their own selling points. With prizes displayed like merchandise in a retail display window, they serve as their own advertising. It is with that in mind that the placement of these popular games within an arcade makes them even more profitable.
As Mike Gelatka, owner of Mike’s Amusements in Landing, Ill. said, placing games in high-traffic areas such as entrances and hallways is a good way to increase playing time on those pieces.
“A hallway isn’t necessarily the first place you would think to put a redemption game, it is an area where people congregate,” he said. “While they’re standing there, they are liable to play a game.”
Gelatka said this strategy works for a variety of his customers, whether they’re full-sized arcades or places like mini golf destinations or ice skating rinks.
“If you put games where people are looking to spend some time, they’ll play,” he said.
When looking for prime locations, Gene Goodman, vice president of M&P Amusements in York, Pa., makes a big entrance, literally, using games like a movie theater uses its marques.
“You take your biggest and brightest games and put them within view of the front door to draw in a crowd,” he said. “You put your top games where everyone can see them, then fill in around them with less popular games.”
At the top of Goodman’s list of games is SEGA’s Key Master, a brightly lit steel cabinet that houses prominently displayed prizes hanging from pins, just waiting for gamers to win. Prizes increase in value based on their level within the game, and can go from $2 prizes to $100 gift cards.
Both vendors add that arcade operators can rejuvenate their bottom lines by rotating their most frequently played games around the arcade to other prominent locations. Just as retail stores re-arrange merchandise, arcade operators can generate new business by refreshing the look of their establishment.
Overall, Goodman said that the live-action draw of instant-win redemption games, with the immediate gratification of exchanging tickets for prizes, serves as a big selling factor no matter where the game is placed in the arcade.
“Kids love to win and when they win they can pick out prizes,” he said.

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