August 2012


Aquarium Exhibit Sound, Lighting and Special Effects – How Guests Benefit from Innovation
Sound, lighting and special effects, including iPads embedded into exhibit walls, are enhancing the guest experience at aquariums across the country.


New Attractions – Creating an Experience Inside the Experience
There once was a time when an amusement park visit focused on all guests sharing a common experience that involved the park’s rides, shows and fair-like food.  At the country’s larger parks and resorts, those days are increasingly giving way to an enticing (and expensive) new option known as “premium experiences.”


Major League Baseball – Stepping Up to Bat for Menu Innovations
While there is no doubt that hot dogs and peanuts remain ballpark staples, the fact is that the average sports fan has expanded to a more sophisticated palate in recent years. This knowledge has created a challenge for concessionaires to develop an ever-changing menu of fresh and interesting delicacies that appeal to the fans.


The Question of Drop-off Inflatables – Strategies for the Changing Party Landscape
Inflatable amusements add an extra dash of fun to everything from a small backyard birthday party to a large corporate event. Amusement companies offer their expertise and often manpower at these events to ensure that all guests have a safe and enjoyable experience.


Creating Coin-op Pros – Employee Hiring and Training Strategies
The coin-operated machine industry is one that builds its staff using the core attributes of honesty and diligence. Workers possessing these qualities can be difficult to find, which creates the need to search for employees through more personal means than simply posting an ad. There is so much to teach these workers about the intricacies of the machinery, how to deal with clients at the locations, how to run the route and deal with a large amount of cash, so training is vital to developing a quality staff member.


From Water Purification to New Media – Technological Trends in the Waterpark Industry
Indoor or outdoor, waterparks are a popular destination for fun. While guests participate in slides and rides, few can appreciate the efforts owners and managers must take to provide them with a safe and trouble-free experience.

Family Entertainment Center Report

Training Is Not Optional

With a variety of delivery systems, every proprietor can take advantage of great educational programs. How does employee training benefit your company? What difference does it make? Can it really make you more competitive? Yes, it can.

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report
Deals and Employee Training Bolster Summertime Guest Spending
Mini-golf and go-karts have long been popular summertime activities throughout the United States. While this remains the case, facilities are going the extra mile to distinguish themselves from the competition, increase guest spending this season and offset any weather-related decreases in guest traffic.

ILTA/Laser Tag Section
Utilizing Your Laser Tag System to Enhance Your Business
While individual laser tag companies do make small technological leaps fairly regularly, the technology of last year has yet to evolve into the technology of tomorrow. This, however, is not a bad thing for today’s or tomorrow’s operators.

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