April/May 2012


Wizarding World of Harry Potter Update – Universal Orlando’s Food Theming Work Pays Off – Despite the well-publicized thrills at Universal’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, more instructive for industry watchers may be the attraction’s high-profit food, beverage and merchandise operations.


Keeping it Clean – How FECs Snuff Out Germs at Eating Spaces – Better safe than sorry is the predominant approach of FEC food service departments to avoiding any possibility of the spread of infectious disease-causing germs from dirty surfaces.


A Toast to Serving Guests – How Alcohol Fits into Zoo Beverage Offerings – Zoos are going the extra distance to make their facilities more welcoming to adults.  Mixers and after-hours special events are attracting adults to zoos and helping to build memberships, and during the day many zoos are now offering beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages in their restaurants and cafes.


Food Service Equipment – For Party Rental Companies, Unusual Options Gain Ground – With the economy now in “recovery” mode, party rental companies are seeing steady interest in food service equipment rentals to accompany such staples as inflatables, tables, chairs and tents.


A Quick Bite – Classic Snacks and Beverages Dominate the Vending Market – Snacks remain an important part of the American diet, and operators of snack and beverage vending machines continue to capitalize on this trend. Here is a peek at the businesses of, and success practices employed by, four different operators in various parts of the United States.

Bulk Vending Trends – Following the Kids Toward Popular Products – Children in restaurants and family entertainment centers and at schools are helping to dictate what is hot in vending machines for 2012.


Admissions and Ticketing – Welcoming Systems at Children’s Museums – Children’s museums greet thousands of guests each year, and they use a variety of admissions policies and procedures to keep the crowds moving smoothly through their doors.


Tips for Good Decisions – Meeting the Challenges to Smart Food Service Staffing and Training – No matter the attraction, customers want to have a tasty, no-surprise food experience as part of the fun.  From hiring employees with the right stuff to turning customer complaints into opportunities, here’s how some professionals are ensuring their waterpark operation delivers quality with the right attitude.


Industry Owls – The Top Five Marketing Tools Your Center Should Have – The path to creating excitement for your center has been changing lately.  Here are five systems your FEC should have in place to embrace the new promotional landscape.
BPAA/Strike – Digital Menu Boards – The Price Is Right To Add This Upgrade To Your Center – The benefits of digital menu boards are many.
Bowling Report – Trending Menus – Creative Interpretations of Retro Bowling Food – For some bowling centers, a lucky strike is finding the perfect balance between the games and the food being served. But as more boutique bowling alleys pop up around the country, bowlers are expecting a lot more than the usual burger and fries.

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report – The New Look of Fast Food – Popular Menus and Kitchen Equipment at Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Centers – For many fun centers around the country that specialize in go-kart racing and mini golf, hard-working kitchens are producing plenty of old favorites, like pizza and chicken wings, as well as keeping up with new demands from families looking for healthy options.
ILTA – A Message from the Executive Director – Thoughts on the season from ILTA’s Ryan McQuillen
ILTA – Top Strategies to Profit from Food and Beverage – Would you like popcorn and a soda at the movies? Absolutely. A cold beer and a hot dog at the ball park? Sign me up! Why would anyone assume laser tag, or any attraction mix that includes laser tag, is any different?


Engaging Guests’ Senses with Food – Profit-making Strategies from Haunted Attractions – Owners and managers of America’s haunted attractions are always on the look out to increase profits. One of the fastest ways to boost sales and cash flow, according to experienced haunted attraction owners, is to add food and beverage concessions to enhance the customers’ experience.


Beyond the Traditional – Digital Out-of-Home Entertainment Takes Its Place – A new form of public-space entertainment that builds on the foundation started by video amusement some 40 years ago has taken hold. As we all take a close look at our respective entertainment facilities business, we awaken to the reality that we work in a sector undergoing transition.

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