10 Top Tips for Motivating Staff

  1. Be a leader and make your presence known – lead through experience and competence and not title or position.
  2. Strive to communicate effectively, including getting feedback and listening to staff.
  3. Give employees regular feedback and let them know when they are doing good work and when they are not.
  4. Lead by example and let your actions help set the standard for the type of attitude you expect staff to exhibit.
  5. Set clear expectations and reinforce them at events like regular staff meetings or one-on-one conversations.
  6. Correct any performance or customer service issues promptly.
  7. Create consequences – whether positive or negative.
  8. Find ways to reward staff members for high levels of loyalty and performance to show your appreciation – it could be a simple as a sincere thank you or as formal as a gift certificate.
  9. Find ways to create pride and team spirit – for example, have a picture taken of your entire staff, enlarge it and prominently display it to make them feel like a valuable part of the team.
  10. Find ways to make work as fun as possible without sacrificing customer service – for example, a team picnic or social event.

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