September/October 2011


LEGOLAND Florida: A Study in Reimagining a Park for the Future – On October 15, 2011, the only new United States theme park for 2011 will open. Contributor Chad Emerson explores how LEGOLAND’s first foray east of the Mississippi River in Florida marks a major change in strategy for how to develop a new theme park in today’s new economy.


Fast Food Fever: Guests Still Want Classic Park Foods – Despite a generally positive foray into health-conscious foods at parks such as Pirate’s Cover Family Fun Aquatic Center in Englewood, Colo., classic park foods continue to reign supreme with the amusement park public.
Top Tips for Feeding Hungry Guests
Splendor in the Grass: The Natural Side of Food Service at United States Botanical Gardens – Visitors may come to botanic gardens to see some of the finest specimens nature has to offer, but they may also end up staying for the great food being served at these destinations around the country.
Kids Today: Four Tips for Making Restaurants Child-friendly


Cool Fun in the Summer Heat: Water Inflatables Offer Backyard Thrills – The backyard hose and swimming pool have stepped to the side to make way for water inflatables as summertime relief from the pervasive heat. These popular units, which offer a dash of thrill along with refreshment, are being rented out for everything from everyday play and group entertainment to parties.


Coin-op Industry Update: The Latest Buzz About Licensed Merchandise – For kids and tweens, the licensed merchandise sale often comes down to whether or not they recognize the famous face or name staring back at them. And while a few reliable brands always seem to create buzz (and profits), it can get complicated when it comes to staying relevant with the ever-changing times. 
The Original Social Network: Face-to-Face Interaction Is the New-Old Cool – Once upon a time, when record labels would release a new song or reveal an up-and-coming artist, it would be through the jukebox and radio. Today, those channels are just one part of a larger, more complex marketing scheme, yet the jukebox is far from obsolete. In fact, it might possibly be on the brink of a comeback.


Maintaining an Ocean of Fun: Best Water Quality Practices at Waterparks – Waterparks provide a fun haven during the sizzling days of summer, and while guests are frolicking in the cool water, managers and maintenance specialists are making sure the water and park remain clean and safe.
From the Waterpark Front Lines: Water Quality Tips
Making a Big Splash: Waterparks Strive to Thrill Guests with the Right Rides – The weather was record-breakingly hot last summer in parts of the country, and waterparks provided cool liquid thrills. And, as patrons sought bigger and better thrills, waterparks responded with innovation.  SplashTacular, for example, a La Quinta, Calif.,-based company that provides the industry with waterpark attractions, recently installed its first pulse-pounding 360Rush ride in Alabama.  This ride received the World Waterpark Association’s (WWA) innovation award in 2011.


Where Cool Heads Prevail: Strategies to Keep Zoo Guests Comfortable in the Heat of the Season – The summer months provide the biggest boon in zoo attendance, but when crippling heat hovers for an extended period of time, zoo directors have to find ways to keep both animals and guests comfortable.  
Hot Tips for Helping Guests Beat the Heat


|  Bowling Report | Talking Turkey: How Bowling Centers Improve the Outlook for Food and Beverage Sales – Bowlers know what they go to the bowling center for. Whether they think further to include a meal may hinge on the venue’s presentation, what’s offered on the menu and on how good a deal it is. And arriving at what works for what crowd may take some trial and error from season to season.

|  Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report | Just for the Kids: Keeping the Fun Child-centered at Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Facilities – A large part of making your attraction family friendly is to ensure that you find ways to make it a place where kids want to be.  Being a kid-centric destination starts by not overlooking the basics. In this article, industry professionals discuss how to appeal to young people by creating engaging, fun and safe facilities.    
Four Tips to Help Create and Maintain a Kid-centric Center

|  RSA Report | Making the Winning Team: Skating Center Hiring Practices – Hiring for a roller skating center can be much like tryouts for a team sport. When asked about their hiring process, several RSA members said they actually have tryouts. This article walks readers through the system used by a center in Quincy, Ill.

|  ILTA | A Message from ILTA Membership Services Director
Insurance: Comparing Apples to Apples Can Equal Rotten Coverage
– A careful analysis of insurance coverage, rather than attempting to secure a quick fix, is the right path for business owners.


Building a Strong Foundation for Your Entertainment Center: What You Should Be Doing Before You Purchase that First Game or Attraction – In this special Foundations Entertainment University feature, Funhaven in  Ottawa, Canada and ZCor Entertainment in Minnetonka, Minn., are profiled.

Foundations Entertainment University is an educational seminar event held at locations around the country that offers a blueprint for success, growth and profit in the entertainment industry. The seminar, which is taught by leading industry experts, covers topics such as feasibility costs, games and attractions, financing, design, operations, food and beverage and more.

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