From the Waterpark Front Lines: Water Quality Tips

As General Manager of Roaring Springs Waterpark in Meridian, Idaho, Frank Morandi oversees three pools plus other attractions in the park.  His top tip for ensuring safe and clean water is to look at each pool differently. “Each pool has its own needs and maintenance requirements,” he said. “Here, the water comes from different wells, so we have to make sure that we maintain cleanliness and balance.  It is an art as well as a science.”  Although Mustang Waterpark resides on only two acres, the park is in the middle of Lopez Lake Recreation Area, so it is a destination spot for tourists and campers alike.  For owner Chris Simpson, the top tip for keeping water safe and clean is vigilance.  “We are always monitoring and balancing and monitoring again,” he explained. “While it’s not hard work, it’s detailed and the details must be attended to all the time. We want people to come here and have fun and not give the cleanliness of the water a second thought. That is our job.” High rate sand filters and UV light are the top methods for keeping the water clean and safe at Wild Rivers in Irvine, Calif. “We have been here for 26 years, so we know the importance of vigilance when it comes to monitoring and balancing the water.  We also look to new technology to help us out as well.  We want our guests to come and cool off and have a great time.”
Caribbean Water Adventure at Knight’s Action Park in Spring-field, Ill., also embraces new technology as a tool for keeping water clean and safe. “All our pools are computer controlled and we are looking into UV light as well,” said Doug Knight, general manager of the waterpark. “The better the technology, the better job we do at keeping the waterpark safe and clean. A waterpark is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable experiences for guests, and it is our commitment to safety that makes it so enjoyable.” –

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