Photo Booth Manufacturer Serves Clients Around the World

Digital Centre, a family founded multinational corporation, has been serving the amusement industry since 1997 with factory and offices in Europe and America and authorized distributors around the globe. The company specializes in the manufacture of photo booths with sales in more than 45 countries, and thousands of the machines still operating. The units feature the best multi-functional printers dye sublimation technology, with their own original software and personal design on the photo booth. Digital Centre is the leader and pioneer in the industry, launching new products and new ways of having fun in a photo booths.
In the late 1990s, the company’s Dr. FACE was a hit that allowed customers to put their faces on different bodies. Today, Dr. FACE photo booths can still be found in arcades and family fun centers around the country.
Since 1995, the New Generation Photo Booth has been on the market and is still the number one photo booth in sales around the country. The unit is versatile, easy to move, low maintenance and durable and has been placed in movie theaters, bars, game rooms and other locations as well as enjoyed at private parties.
The new Party’N’Go Photo Booth was launched at last spring’s 2011 Amusement Expo. The booth features thrilling technology, a 22-inch full touch screen, new software development and a whole line of new concepts in products, options and offers.
Digital Centre is also selling printer kits to upgrade old photo booths to new technology at great prices in equipment and film. This is a solid option for operators to update to new technology and to get full service from a modern company.
2011 will be an important year for Digital Centre to launch new products in the United States market. The company’s engineers and designers are coming up with products and services that will give real value to the industry.
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