12 Top Tips for Successfully Adding Extras

  1. Take a close look at what you offer and make a list to target specific areas you could potentially and practically improve.  Part of this is to set goals about what you want to accomplish in terms of improving the experience of customers and increasing your bottom line.
  2. Don’t overlook any potential improvement.  They may be as obvious as offering new thrills and a popular new menu item or as subtle as making a conscious effort to improve customer service and incentives, for example, rewarding repeat customers (or referrals) with discounts.
  3. Be bold, but be realistic.
  4. Create a niche – something that sets you apart from others offering similar attractions.
  5. Be aware of and track trends.  Tastes change, know what people are looking for and what’s hot.
  6. Train food staff to always ask customers if they want additional and companion items to ensure healthy upsell sales.
  7. Talk less and listen more – get to really know your customers and solicit ideas and feedback from them about what they want.
  8. Calculate your potential return on investment and break even points, based on sales projections and price points.
  9. Try to minimize initial investments so that if something doesn’t work you can adjust or change without a big loss.
  10. Don’t be shy about touting “new or improved,” including updating literature and Web sites.  Dramatize your improvements to get people excited about them.
  11. Introduce new items by making an irresistible offer – like special introductory pricing.
  12. Use social media to communicate new attractions and ideas and to solicit feedback.  If you are unsure how to get started, consult with a savvy teen employee.

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