Tips for Matching Volunteers to a Specific Job

“Get to know the volunteer well. Learn what their strengths and weaknesses are, as well as their particular interests. Concentrate on using their strengths to the best advantage of the individual and the organization.”
– Carolyn Robbins,
Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

“Find out about the volunteer’s academic background, as well as their passions. We blend their background and interests with the different areas in the museum.”
– Mary Ann Bloom,
Field Museum

“Just ask them!  We ask our volunteers if the job available is something they want.  If it isn’t their cup of tea, we will work something else out.”
– Nancy Himmes,
Elmhurst Museum of Art

“In an interview, you can really get a feel for the person and their interests.  That helps place them in the right position.”
– Cindy White,
Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale

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