February / March 2011

18    Imagine, Build, Play – Creating Interactive Water Attractions
The dictionary defines “interactive” as simply “acting one upon or with the other” or “providing output based on input from the user.” Yet when you combine the concept of interactivity with water attractions, you open up a new world for children and adults to be engaged and entertained in an environment that takes “cause and effect” to a whole new level of discovery and fun.
20    Waves Product News

Business Strategies
28    Industry Trade Shows and Training Seminars – Making a Solid Choice for Life-Long Learning
There are still some in our industry that have long necks and believe in sticking their heads in the sand and playing “isolationism” because they truly believe that they know everything about this industry.  The fact is that there are new things to learn about our industry every hour of every day.  On the bright side, the majority of those in our industry are cautiously optimistic for 2011.

The Large Park Report
32    Incorporating the Pay-Per-Attraction Element into the Single Admission Scenario
When the modern theme park era began in the early 20th century, the business model was generally based on a “pay-per-attraction” system. Although this is a long-gone system for most parks, a subtle shift in the single admission system has begun to creep into the industry’s larger parks as they search for supplemental revenue streams beyond the single day-long ticket

AZA Report
122    Zoos and Aquariums – Harnessing Technology to Improve the Guest Experience
Technology tools are commonplace means to obtain information in everyday life. Communication technology is also helping zoos and aquariums inform and educate their guests and the public on the animals, whether they visit the facility virtually or in person.

Special Supplement
92    2011 Who’s Who Buyer’s Guide

Family Entertainment Center Report

Industry Owls
36    Advice for Creating Memorable Moments
Commonsense, and creative, ways to increase the profitability of parties and your family entertainment center.

37    Financing In The Brave New World
Now that our economy is beginning to pick up some steam, many project developers have become re-engaged in the process of launching new entertainment projects.  Still, the looming challenge continues to be the project financing component, a segment that was considered lifeless in 2009 and early 2010. And while the forecast is still a bit cloudy, a series of events have occurred that have remarkably improved the financial world’s desire to climb back into the lending business.

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report
56    Off-season Maintenance – Tips to Make the Most of Winter
When golf balls quit rolling on the mini course and go karts slow to an idle and stop after Labor Day, activities in the park don’t wind to a halt just because the patrons are gone. It just changes and shifts from recreation to renovation, presenting challenges to overcome and maintenance steps to check off.

Bowling Report
42    Making Real Money with Real Food – Rolling a Strike with Food and Beverage Services
The beauty of bowling is you don’t have to be a pro to throw a few games and have some fun. Bowling also packs a lot of value into one activity, it’s interactive, gets guests moving and is still relatively affordable. Adding to its widespread appeal: patrons don’t even have to leave the building for food and drinks.

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Street Beat
62    The Outlook for the Amusement Vending Industry
Many amusement vending industry operators are facing unprecedented challenges in the current business climate. In this article, owners share their thoughts on industry trends and expectations for employees as well as offering strategies for generating profits.

72    Bulk Vending – Toy and Sticker Sales Reflect Popular Culture and Faithful Old-fashioned Favorites
The right stickers and toys can mean the difference between profitable and earnings-stagnant bulk vending machines. This story offers a look at the types of toys and stickers that are keeping operators busy.

76    Top-Selling Toy and Sticker Styles

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Food Service Spotlight
80    Amusement and Waterpark Food Service – Responding to Last Season’s Decreased Guest Spending
Amusement park and waterpark guests’ per cap spending has been sliding up and down from park to park in the last few years. To enliven spending on food, value for the dollar is one of the main ingredients on many projected park menus for the 2011 season.

AAM – Food Service Spotlight
86    Special Events Ride a Wave of Popularity at Maritime Museums
When guests attend private events at maritime museums, they are looking to enjoy a unique party experience. The private events also give museums the opportunity to showcase their galleries and educate the guests on regional maritime history and the importance of preserving the marine environment.

91    Special Events Food Favorites at Maritime Museums

91    Food Industry Product News

Amusement Rental / Inflatable News
128    Customizing Events – How Amusement Rental Companies Help Clients Get the Party Planning Right
“Patience and a willingness to listen are definitely important. You have to be able to listen to a client when they tell you what they’re looking for, and have the patience to work with them in meeting their needs.” This is according to Matt Gershaw, general manager of All Season Rent-All in Greenwood Village, Colo. Read more of Gershaw’s advice on creating custom experiences for patrons, and tips from other amusement rental company owners and managers, in this article.

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Haunted House Feature
138    Halloween 2010 – A Wrap-up of the Season and What the Future Holds for Haunted Attractions
For thrill-seekers desiring to look fear in the eye, the Halloween season is eagerly anticipated.  Across the country, haunted attractions aim to provide the most intense, heart-thumping experience to spook these gluttons for terror.   A look into the 2010 season reveals some hits and misses of this past year and sheds light into new ways haunted attractions will inspire horror in the future.

Foundations Entertainment University
143    Foundations Entertainment University is an educational seminar held at locations around the country that offers a blueprint for success, growth and profit in the entertainment industry. The seminar covers topics such as feasibility costs, games and attractions, financing, design, operations, food and beverage and more.

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