Facility Focus

Facility: The Web Extreme Entertainment
Location: Westchester, Ohio
Owner: Jerry Weber

With many industries suffering in today’s economy, most laser tag facilities have been holding steady and even reporting an increase in sales over last year. With the continued growth and health of these locations, some operators are actually opening multiple facilities or expanding their existing business to include more revenue-generating attractions.  
In March of 2010, Jerry Weber, owner of The Web Laser Tag, closed one of his stand-alone laser tag facilities in Dayton and moved it into a closed grocery store, expanding his list of attractions to create a family entertainment center (FEC) that includes laser tag, go karts and black light mini-golf, and named it The Web Extreme Entertainment.
Opening The Web Extreme was not without its difficulties. In describing the obstacles he faced, Weber said, “I spent 16 months negotiating on this location after having spent two years working on other sites.” When discussing financing he said, “The banks were particularly bad. My then current bank wanted 100 percent equity, which was insane. I ended up working with an SBA development corporation. I also had to get (the project) approved in the third quarter of 2009, the peak of bad times for financing.”
Once the doors were open, Weber really wanted to make his facility stand out from his competition. “The goal was to have a different type of FEC, in that I wanted it to be much more upscale and targeted at an older demographic,” said Weber. “I also wanted to ensure that the attractions were the best in my market, so I have the largest laser tag arena (out of seven in the Cincinnati market) and I have the only indoor electric go-kart track with a grand prix style course. I have a great themed glow golf that is very attractive and fun to play. And for the ice cream shop I selected a local company that hand makes the best ice cream.”
A unique quality about Weber’s facility is that he designed the entire layout of the laser tag arena, briefing and vesting rooms along with all the lighting for each. So far this year, it appears his hard work has paid off as The Web Extreme is beating Weber’s expected sales.
When asked about his marketing techniques, Weber said, “We do quite a bit of print marketing, mainly postcards. We also do a lot of work on the Internet. I also had a great grand opening for charity sponsored with a Cincinnati football legend, Anthony Munoz.”
The Web Extreme is a great example of one operator’s success at expanding his business to become more profitable and creating a great customer experience.
For those who would like to visit, the Web Extreme Entertainment is located at 7172 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. West Chester, Ohio 45069. For further information, visit the facility online or call.
(If you would like to have your facility considered to be featured in a future Facility Focus, please contact the ILTA by email at info@lasertag.org for more information. All images in this article were provided by and are property of Jerry Weber and The Web Extreme Entertainment. All rights reserved.)

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