November 2010

The Large Park Report

36    New Attractions: A Look Ahead to 2011
The run-away hit of 2010 for large parks was clearly the much-anticipated Harry Potter attraction at Universal Orlando. As the year draws to a close, The Large Park Report examines what is in store for 2011 at the nation’s favored destinations for families.

Business Strategies

34    Out-of-Home Leisure and Entertainment Is Poised for 7-Year Run: Are You Ready?
Leading financial experts seem to agree that the economy has hit bottom and the curve is heading in a positive direction, especially for infrastructure improvements, health care and leisure and entertainment. Readiness to reap the benefits of any cyclical upswing is critical for the fun industry.


22    Waterpark Executives: Parks Aren’t Taking a Bath in the Current Economy
Many entertainment facilities, including waterparks, have actually seen an increase in attendance over the past few years or no change at all. They have been increasing their presence within the local community and finding success in reaching their local audience through new social media outlets. Two general managers discuss trends and the industry outlook in this article.  
32    International Waterpark News

Food Service Spotlight

110    Food Line Speed – Keeping Guests Focused on the Meal, Not the Wait
Serving large numbers of customers in a tight time frame is crucial to the efficiency and effectiveness of park food service operations. The end product of successful food worker training that creates a pleasant, guests-first mindset, are happy customers who have been given just enough time to choose a meal and served with a minimal wait. Amusement park food managers around the country share their strategies to keeping guests moving and fed in this piece.

Food Service Spotlight – AAM Report

118    The Mindful Plate – A Look at Best Culinary Safety Practices at Museums
Expectations are extremely high at art museums for inventive, high quality meals and snacks. Serving hungry patrons the best in quick-service food starts with proper food handling and safe kitchen practices, and this story offers tips to reach that end that can be applied to any food operation.
120    Top Tips for Keeping Food Safe and Sanitary Onsite
124    Food Spotlight Product News

AZA Report

126    Where the Wild Things Are – Nighttime Activities at Zoos
Once the daytime crowds have dissipated, a whole new stream of guests can enjoy the at times magical and always interesting nighttime world of zoos. In this article, read about the types of events and programs zoos around the country, and an attraction in Singapore, are offering to increase profits for and interest in these unique institutions.
130    Tips for Successful Evening Events
131    Zoo Industry News

Family Entertainment Center Report

Industry Owls

Personality “Pop” – Finding, Hiring, Training and Keeping Friendly Employees with Personality
Employees with positive, friendly, upbeat and engaging personalities are a huge, and perhaps the biggest, asset for family entertainment centers. This article provides valuable tips and advice on how to go beyond gut instinct to hire the best staff possible, workers who will make your facility shine.

Redemption Merchandise: What’s Hot and What’s Not
Redemption counters are in effect small stores, with eager children eyeing merchandise, excited to see what their tickets or cards will buy. Older children and adults are also patrons who may have more to “spend” on higher end merchandise. Read about how as the retail industry goes, so goes the redemption business, as both are always on the lookout for the latest and hottest toys and merchandise to hit the market.

Mini-Golf & Go-Kart Report

Batter Up: Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Facilities Score with Batting Cages
Mini-golf and go-kart facilities can significantly enhance their bottom lines with the addition of batting cages. This steady earning attraction, which appeals to everyone from families bringing baseball and softball-playing children to practice their swings to entire teams of hitters looking to gain a serious edge over the competition, can keep centers earning throughout most of the year.
Tips to Earning More with Batting Cages
Eight tips fun centers can use to make the most of batting cages.

BPAA Section

Food and Beverage: Money in Your Pocket
It is no secret that over the last decade, the food and beverage portion of the bowling industry has truly become a profit center within individual bowling centers, contributing largely to the bottom line of some. Read about how this is accomplished through several avenues, including day-to-day typical operations, birthday, corporate parties and special events, and on and off-site catering.

Bowling Report

Why Floor Coverings Matter – Rolling Out the Red Carpet for Guests at Bowling Centers
Bowling center owners and managers know that to attract customers, and keep them coming back, the bowling centers have to provide a fresh, clean and attractive facility, from the ceiling down to the floors, including the carpeting that covers those floors.
Carpet Product News

Roller Skating Center Report

Rinks as Gathering Places: How to Become a Community Partner
Operating a well-planned and executed roller skating rink can help create a cohesive community, along with a steady revenue stream to the owner, if the approach taken is imaginative, unique and it follows a solid business plan.

International Laser Tag Association (ILTA) Section

Making the Most of the Season – A Message from the ILTA Executive Director
The winter months can spell big sales numbers for laser tag facilities. The ILTA’s executive director discusses how to make the most of the rush for indoor activities
and extends an invitation to stop by the association’s booth at the 2010 IAAPA Attractions Expo.
Laser Tag Pricing and Promotions: Knowing the Score
The effort to promote your laser tag center to your community should keep you looking for new and exciting ways to do something different. Adjusting your ticket pricing and offering specials allow for a fairly passive way to appeal to both new and current customers, while using your Web site, in-store marketing, and your staff to communicate this information is incredibly low in cost and very effective when done well.  
Facility Focus: Laser Legend, Live Oak, Texas – A New “Legend” is Born
A profile of the Live Oak, Texas, Laser Legend attraction, a new 10,000-square-foot facility that includes a custom entrance archway, briefing room, vesting room, arena with two 14-foot-tall robotic Battledroids, new obstacles, props and many other elements.
Family Entertainment Center News

Street Beat

Bulk Vending – Why Inexpensive Prizes Will Always Draw Customers
Bulk vending machines, which are still a great way to break into the vending industry, earn the loyalty of customers with their fun and inexpensive merchandise. These profitable machines remain popular attractions at bowling centers, restaurants, mini-malls, movie theaters and many other locations.
Operators Name Best-Earning Machines of 2010
Straight from the operators on the front lines of the amusement vending industry, this story discusses which machines were turning profits this year. Solid earners were jukeboxes, pool tables, electronic darts and prize redemption machines, and the operators explain why this was the case.
Street Beat News Beat

Amusement Rental / Inflatable News

Bringing on the Fun with Food – How Inflatable Party Companies Are Enhancing the Equipment Rental Mix
Adding fun food equipment to the party rental mix can be a good business choice for companies that also offer inflatable attractions. Read why these companies are proceeding with caution, however, and learning from missteps how to best turn a profit with these ancillary, and often in-demand, machines.

Haunted Attractions Feature

Haunting Down Under: An American Perspective
Although Australians may not celebrate a traditional American-style Halloween, they do enjoy horror movies. This interest makes the continent the perfect venue for haunted attractions, a theory that was proven by the overwhelming success of a walk-through, interactive unit named “Hollywood Horrors” that debuted at Queensland’s EKKA Festival last summer.
Haunt Industry Product News

Foundations Entertainment University

Spotlight on Industry Education – Foundations Entertainment University Can Lead Entrepreneurs to Success
Foundations Entertainment University is an educational seminar held at locations around the country that offers a blueprint for success, growth and profit in the entertainment industry. The seminar covers topics such as feasibility costs, games and attractions, financing, design, operations, food and beverage and more. This article features first-hand accounts of what attendees learned from attending the sessions.

Special Feature

Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine Advertisers to See at the 2010 IAAPA Attractions Expo

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