ILTA Facility Focus: The New “Legend” is Born

Facility: Laser Legend
Location: Live Oak, Texas
Owner: Jason Overman

It is not an everyday opportunity to be a part of a living legend, let alone create one.  Jason Overman, owner of Laser Legend, was looking to create an atmosphere like no other in the Lone Star State.  This recently opened 10,000-square-foot entertainment facility is located approximately 100 miles south of Abilene, Texas, in the community of Live Oak. Overman did his homework on the laser tag industry by becoming an ILTA Developer Member and then by attending the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) trade show. When creating a family entertainment facility, it is important to get the best information to do it right the first time!
The facility’s offerings include a large arcade, party rooms, Noble Roman’s pizza, and a 5,100-square-foot laser tag arena with an upper level play structure. The Theme Team at Creative Works designed a laser tag arena from the ground up that included a custom entrance archway, briefing room, vesting room, and arena with two 14-foot-tall robotic Battledroids, new obstacles, props and much more.
To add realism to the experience for the players, the custom archway into the laser tag arena was themed as the back of a cargo shuttle where players “board” and begin their mission.  Players are briefed on their mission and led into the vesting area where they suit up for the laser tag adventure.  With phasers in hand, players enter the game environment prepared for their laser battle. To help round out the facility, the lobby and arcade areas are themed as a futuristic space environment.
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