June 2010

The Large Park Report

18    CoCo Key: A Waterpark Resort Fills a Gap in the Orlando Market – The fiercely competitive Orlando, Fla., entertainment market might seem an unlikely place to launch a waterpark-hotel hybrid, but Colorado-based Sage Hospitality has done just that, and is finding the venture to be highly successful.

Business Strategies

22    2009 Theme Index Shows Industry Is Holding its Own: Bowl Expo Takes Center Stage – The fascinating results of the just-released AECOM/TEA 2009 Theme Index, which illuminates the industry with rankings and attendance figures for the top 25 theme parks in the world, are discussed and analyzed in this story. Our contributing editor also takes a look at the upcoming Bowl Expo.


26    The Lost Island: Iowa’s Largest Water Park Oasis Celebrates 10 Years – Waterloo, Iowa, is famous for being the most productive corn-producing land in the United States. Yet, remarkably, among this agricultural landscape sits an island oasis, complete with palm trees and tiki huts, called The Lost Island Water Park.

Food Service Spotlight / AZA Report

94    The Critical Role of Concession Signage at Zoos and Aquariums – Although stopping for food may offer a rest for parents of children excited to see everything at a zoo or aquarium, families don’t want their break from the action to occur standing in a food concession line. Clear, modern food signage keeps hungry crowds moving toward the seating area as it helps sell the menu.

Food Service Spotlight

100    Ovens and Fryers: Best Food Equipment Practices at Family Entertainment Centers – The kitchen equipment must fit the job at any leisure entertainment facility, and buying and maintaining the right tools is especially important for family entertainment centers, where owners must make the most of a sometimes limited menu.

Annual Supplement

107    2010 Entertainment Center and Location-Based Entertainment Suppliers’ Guide

BPAA / Strike

36    Bowling: The Future of Family Entertainment – An Anchor Attraction That Can Increase Your Market Share – Bowling centers as complete family entertainment experiences is a growing phenomenon. Combining the classically enduring and fun game with arcades, miniature golf, laser tag and more has centers around the country generating new and renewed interest from a wide spectrum of patrons.

Bowling Report – Generating New Business

40    Bowling and Local Sports Teams Are a Solid Match – The athleticism involved in bowling is the accessible kind, within the reach of customers of most ages and abilities. But that does not mean bowling centers cannot pursue and win party and special events business from community teams and leagues involved in a more taxing kind of play.

Bowling Compatible Attractions

48    Bowling, Golf and Bankshot Basketball – How Bandshot Basketball fits in with bowling centers and other family entertainment locations.

Mini-Golf and Go-Kart Report

50    Gas versus Electric Go-Karts: Pros and Cons – The phrase “go green” is quite popular in many family entertainment circles and the go-kart circuit is no exception. Add to that the words “go cost-effectively” and “go fast” and you’re describing the options up for consideration when deciding whether to run gas- or electric-powered go-karts.

RSA Report

58    A Skating Center Revolution: Turning Roller Skating Attractions into Family Entertainment Centers – With all of the traffic generated into roller skating centers, it is no wonder many locations look to expand their businesses by transitioning into full family entertainment centers. However, there are pros and cons to leaping into the family entertainment arena.

Skating Report

62    News from the Skate Rental Counter: At United States Roller Rinks, the Quad is Still King – In-line skates may be the favorite equipment for street skating, but at the nation’s roller rinks, quad skates maintain a loyal following.
64    A Skater’s Take on Skates – Award-winning roller skater Emily MacKay’s views on in-line versus quad skates.

ILTA – International Laser Tag Association Report

66    From the Executive Director: The ILTA’s executive director describes the optimism being experienced in the industry, and the resultant increase in quality laser tag locations.
68    Facility Focus: Planet Fun, Shallotte, N.C. – The owner of Planet Fun and Starz Sports Grille in Shallotte, N.C., was looking to create a 50,000-square-foot entertainment center that would bring much-needed jobs and a fun entertainment option to his community, and his plan became a reality.
72    Birthday Parties: Making Birthday Magic at FECs – Behind an outstanding birthday party at a family entertainment center is intense planning, training and thought. In this story, centers offer their tips and advice on parties.

Street Beat

76    Focus on Redemption: Games that Give A Little Earn a Lot – Children love trinkets and prizes, it is true, and while the sophisticated games they have at home are engaging, there are no prizes to be had. Redemption games at family entertainment centers and other locales get kids out of the house and playing, and keep them coming back with a tangible reward.
82    Customer Service Report: Keeping Coin-Op Route Locations Happy and Earning – When you are the owner of a company, you know that client satisfaction holds the key to success. Owners and managers of vending machine companies all agree that when it comes to keeping your route locations satisfied, it is a matter of service and appearance.

Amusement Rental/Inflatable News

126    Insuring Success: Even in States Without Requirements, Rental Businesses Bank on Insurance
The novice inflatable rental operator soon learns the importance of insurance in a competitive field where the best jobs go to companies that are well covered.

AAM Museum Report

132    Special Programming: Success Stories from the Nation’s Museums – Carefully planned special programs, especially free events for children, bring communities that patron museums together and generate good will. The positive feelings can turn into repeat visitation from guests and generate income for ancillary attractions such as food and gift concessions.

Foundations Entertainment University

138    Foundations Entertainment University is an educational seminar held at locations around the country that offers a blueprint for success, growth and profit in the entertainment industry. The seminar covers topics such as feasibility costs, games and attractions, financing, design, operations, food and beverage and more.

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