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Coin-Op Operational Strategies<br> Tips to Hire and Train the Best Workers

Coin-Op Operational Strategies
Tips to Hire and Train the Best Workers

February 13, 2017 No Comments

  Hiring and training workers for coin-operated game companies can come with a variety of challenges, from finding the right employees for the job to keeping them content long term. For this article, company owners and managers offered their tips on how to hire, train and retain the best workers. At Pride Vending NW in […]

Into the Future: Best New Video and Redemption Earners

Into the Future: Best New Video and Redemption Earners

December 29, 2016 No Comments

Video and redemption game operators are on the front lines when it comes to evaluating top earning games. With a wide variety of choices some clear-cut favorite emerge, as operators nationwide offer their take on what did the best for them in 2016, as well as providing some predictions for top earners in the coming […]

Game On <br>Coin-Op Trends Blast into the Nightlife World

Game On
Coin-Op Trends Blast into the Nightlife World

October 25, 2016 No Comments

By Natalie Hope McDonald In some areas, younger customers are visiting vintage-style, adults-only arcades for gaming, drinks and food. For example, at EightyTwo in Los Angeles, Scott Davids has been reliving his childhood along with pal Noah Sutcliffe. The co-founders, both in their 30s, opened the West Coast barcade two years ago to bring the […]

Game On <br> The Hottest New Redemption Games Plus The Top Prizes

Game On
The Hottest New Redemption Games Plus The Top Prizes

May 25, 2016 No Comments

At Funtopia USA, a family fun center in Middle Village, N.Y., in the borough of Queens, a colorful redemption center is designed to catch the eye of players of all ages. Not only does Funtopia boast a slew of attractions, like Balladium, a fast-paced interactive ball-blasting game, and the Time Freak Playground, but also an […]

Entertaining Trends <br> Tickets, Tokens and Swipe Cards at Entertainment Centers

Entertaining Trends
Tickets, Tokens and Swipe Cards at Entertainment Centers

January 4, 2016 No Comments

Arcades and family entertainment centers are a great way to have some fun indoors. Birthday parties, family nights, date nights, whatever the occasion – there is a bit of nostalgia when it comes to playing games, winning tickets and earning prizes. But are tickets a thing of the past? And how do these centers manage […]


The Best in Bulk
Customers’ Favorite Prize Picks

October 23, 2015 No Comments

By Genie Davis Bulk vending machines take up very little space, need little maintenance, and sell fun items that appeal to virtually every age group from small children to adults. These machines have been popular since the late 19th century, when they were stocked with postcards and chewing gum. So what are the top selling […]

The Serious Business of Arcade Play <br>Tips to Elevate Profits

The Serious Business of Arcade Play
Tips to Elevate Profits

August 27, 2015 No Comments

By Vicki Hogue-Davies   While the arcade might not typically be the main destination for visitors to entertainment centers that offer bowling, go-karts and other attractions, it can be an additional and profitable moneymaker. To increase business at your arcade, there are several things to think about including game placement, prize redemption, customer service, marketing […]

Getting the Picture on Coin-Op – Redemption Report Plus New Games

Getting the Picture on Coin-Op – Redemption Report Plus New Games

May 22, 2015 No Comments

Virtual video games may be having trouble competing with home gaming systems, but redemption machines are still offering players plenty of incentive to drop in a coin, swipe a card and redeem a ticket. At Apple Vending Company in Bensalem, Pa., Chris Vecchione, the owner and vice president of sales and marketing, said the most […]

Bulking Up on Bulk  Vending Business – Trends and Tips for Success

Bulking Up on Bulk Vending Business – Trends and Tips for Success

February 13, 2015 No Comments

By Jennifer Harrison  Some call them the silent salesmen. Bulk vending machines have a lot to offer: they can take up little space, contain everything from plush toys and stickers to key chains and mini NFL cups, and because customers get a treat with the twist or the drop of a coin, satisfaction is almost […]


Spotlight on the Coin-op Industry
A Question and Answer Interview with TRIOTECH

March 1, 2014 No Comments

The coin-op industry remains important for TRIOTECH. It is where the company made its debut and still represents a solid portion of its revenues. Some of the company’s most tenured and loyal customers are in this segment. This is why TRIOTECH is still a member of the key industry associations and attends shows such as […]

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Store on Wheels

Importer and distributor of quality toys, lighting and novelties. Cater to the amusement, retail and entertainment industries.

Lakeshore Merchandise (Smart Vending)

Premier vending supply for all of your vending equipment and supply needs.


Designed and manufactures PlayCard, the rechargeable debit card system.

Weldon, Williams & Lick

Admission systems and wristband ticketing.

Safari Ltd.

Leading manufacturer of innovative educational toys.

Money Tree – ATM

ATM machines.

Action Lighting Co.

Lighting supplies.

Tokens Direct

A wide variety of tokens.

Max Flight

Manufactures interactive virtual reality motion-platform game systems including networkable flight and roller coaster simulators.

Penny Press

Penny souvenir machine, great for parks, FECs, bowling and skating centers, museums and tourist attractions.

Deltronic Labs Inc.

Ticket dispensers.

Barron Games

Redemption air hockey games.

Muncie Novelty Co., Inc.

Admissions, financial equipment, printing and tickets.

Chestnut Identity Apparel

Uniform supply, embroidered apparel and flag manufacturing.

Coast to Coast

Coin-operated entertainment, crane machines.

Fast Corp Vending

Frozen food vending machines


Sells capital equipment to bowling centers.

Hoffman Mint

Tokens, medals, coins and key tags.

Center Edge Software

Facility Management Software Solutions


A premier source for lamps, LEDs, batteries and lighting-related and electrical products.


Namco America is a premier manufacturer of coin-op arcade attractions, ranging from the hottest titles like Crazy Typhoon and Jumpin’ Jackpot to classic game-room experiences such as the Pac-Man 25th Anniversary upright that features Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga. Specialized pieces such as Wonka Sweetland and Flamin Finger are favorites too! For arcade gaming fun, Namco America is your answer.

Klopp International, Inc. (Playmeter)

Quality coin counters and sorters.

Sureshot Redemption

One-stop source for prize redemption counters at entertainment centers.

American Changer

Bill and coin dispensers and counters, ticket machines and more.

Laser Star

Laser shooting galleries, laser tag, dark ride target systems, overhead target ranges.

Hamilton Manufacturing Corp.

Manufacturer of unattended entry systems and change machines.

Extreme Engineering
Premier Polysteel
Rebound Unlimted, Inc.