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Pre-Planning: A Smart Strategy for Any Event

October 30, 2018 No Comments

By Allen F. Weitzel My career has been in amusement industry management, but I am also a western entertainer.  Recently, our group was booked to entertain at a computer company picnic.  The event went fairly well, but I did note some problems that would not have occurred if pre-planning had been better.  Detailed pre-planning is […]


The Inspection Generations

April 3, 2018 1 Comment

  By Allen F. Weitzel   In last year’s Working Generations blog, I offered ideas for addressing the generation gaps between employees.  Yet one interaction that is often overlooked happens when employees are hastily assigned to escort outside vendors and inspectors.    In my first year as a food director, we encountered a strict health […]


The Cloud Coaster Is Recognized at the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo

November 28, 2017 No Comments

The Cloud Coaster was recognized by IAAPA at the 2017 IAAPA Attractions Expo as one of the best new major attractions for 2018.  The all-new, award-winning suspended coaster is a family-friendly attraction that allows guests to experience the real sensation of flight.   Extreme Engineering’s latest announced project, with Mega Parc, was a huge success […]


Working Generations, Young and Old

February 13, 2017 12 Comments

  Business success requires workers of all ages and experience.  In this world of political correctness, technology and social media, getting different age groups of workers to mix and work well together is not easy.  Here are some procedures that can smooth out that process.   Starting Up   At my first park, each director […]


What Do You Need From Me?

June 30, 2016 1 Comment

What do you need from me?  Those words can mean many things.  They could be words of assistance, encouragement, praise, trust, knowledge, confirmation, authority or, also, a kick in the pants.  The key steps to being a leader are: employee selection and hiring, training, skill verification, oversight and follow up.  I want to talk here […]


You Called Me

March 21, 2016 6 Comments

By Allen F. Weitzel   We work in a grand industry.  We sell fun to others and then watch them enjoy themselves.  Others are often envious of our occupation.  Who wouldn’t be?   For that reason, many amusement industry pros are often called upon to talk about the parks and attractions that they have been associated […]


They Are Watching You

December 3, 2015 2 Comments

By Allen F. Weitzel Do you have an employee departure program?   Employees leave jobs for many reasons and in many ways.  To that end, I suggest that entertainment venues apply as much energy into establishing a professional exit system, as they do in creating new employee hiring systems.  Look to the military as an […]


Let’em Talk

July 31, 2015 10 Comments

By Allen F. Weitzel Ah, communication. Important?  Yes. Needing improvement? Almost always! Why Poor communication most commonly occurs when the speaker is not a clear, brisk, accurate speaker and the impatient listener begins to interrupt while waiting to hear the meat of the message.  Another scenario happens when the speaker, even when given enough time […]

Triotech Attraction Opens at Fort Fun in Germany

Triotech Attraction Opens at Fort Fun in Germany

May 22, 2015 No Comments

Triotech has announced that its award-winning XD Dark Ride interactive theater has been installed at Fort Fun Abenteuerland in Bestwig Germany. This product won IAAPA’s Brass Ring Award for Best New Product in 2013. The attraction is a 16-seat XD Dark Ride and is called FoXDome, which fits into the park’s positioning of American Wild […]


Who’s Job Is It?

March 23, 2015 4 Comments

Who’s Job Is It? By Allen F. Weitzel As I was wrapping up my ‘Don’t Look At Me’ blog on the subject of knowing your job and doing your job, the Theme Park and Attractions discussion group posted dialog about increasing in-park sales by tying sales to season pass programs.  Simplified, this issue proposes asking […]

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