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LaserTag.com by Zone Adds Japanese to Language Pack

July 1, 2016 No Comments

LaserTag.com by Zone just added Japanese as another language to its already extensive Language Pack built in to the Helios Laser Tag systems. The Language Pack already consists of English, Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Portuguese and Russian.

The Japanese language was added at the request of a client who had a competitor system and the competitor could not do foreign languages. The operator is located in Hawaii and 40 percent of his business is Japanese tourists. The ability to have the equipment play in the language of his customers was vital to his success.

Now the Japanese language is being released worldwide with more languages based on client’s requests will also be added. This is just another example of how LaserTag.com by Zone has quickly moved to innovate based on the client’s needs, improving the gaming experience and potential for increasing operator revenue.

For more information on how LaserTag.com by Zone can help make your operations a success, call the company’s sales team at 866-966-3797.


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