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Scott C. Borowsky

Scott C. Borowsky

Your colleagues around the country are experiencing many of the same issues and concerns you deal with daily. It only makes sense that sharing new ideas, solutions and strategies can help owners and managers to sort out the demands a challenging industry puts forth every day and to experience clarity on which solutions to embrace.

Entertainment centers, whether part of a large chain, or going it alone as independents, face a special set of concerns and problems as they seek to draw in fresh customers and keep repeat visitors engaged and having fun. In this issue, we offer expanded entertainment center coverage that includes an examination of bowling, with articles on everything from food and décor to design and insurance. The section also explores laser tag innovations, staff training efforts at mini-golf and go-kart centers, roller skating rink maintenance strategies and trends in food offerings at trampoline parks.

Additionally, this issue features a streamlined 2016 Entertainment Center and Location-Based Entertainment Supplier’s Guide. The section includes many of the top entertainment center vendors in the industry, with advertisers in this issue receiving expanded listings.

No industry trade publication covers the variety of locations examined by Tourist Attractions & Parks. Our talented team of contributing writers go straight to location sources to get our readers the best advice and information. This issue is no exception, and also offers articles on: micro retailing at Walt Disney World; the Kalahari Poconos location: splash parks; and trampoline center food. We also explored redemption and the coin-operated device industry in a special three-article Street Beat section, and the future of the industry in the Buzz Boyz analysis piece.

Bowlers photographed at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. See page 24 for a story on the company’s new location in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains.

Bowlers photographed at Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells, Wis. See page 24 for a story on the company’s new location in Pennsylvania’s Pocono mountains.

Food service is an integral part of any entertainment operation, and each issue we focus on location eateries in the Food Service Spotlight section. For June, we look at serving all ages with specialized menus at entertainment centers and creating the best food deals at bowling centers.

We also offer an expanded look at zoos, aquariums and museums in a special three-article section, discuss staff training in the Amusement Rental and Inflatable News feature, and listen to haunt experts on how to keep both staff and guests safe.

We look forward to seeing you at Bowl Expo, where our magazine will be widely distributed. I hope you enjoy the issue. Please email me at editorsgnmag@kanec.com with your questions, comments and suggestions, and I will respond to your note personally.

Scott C. Borowsky

President and Executive Editor

Tourist Attractions & Parks magazine


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