New Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Television Series Calls for Zone Laser Tag Players

March 25, 2016 No Comments

Zone Laser Tag was recently contacted by Adaptive Studios and Pilgrim Media Group about an exciting new television series from Matt Damon and Ben Affleck called “The Runner.” The creators are looking for young adult laser tag players over the age of 21 with an opportunity for the facility to get featured on the television series.

The premise for “The Runner” is exciting and simple: Somewhere in the United States, a mysterious RUNNER will be racing toward an undisclosed city. That RUNNER will be hunted by competing teams of CHASERS. It is up to the RUNNER to use strategy and determination to avoid the CHASERS and make it to the target city. The task of the CHASERS is to find the RUNNER before time runs out, or another group of CHASERS beats them to it.

Zone Laser Tag was chosen because of its product appeal to adult, action-oriented, gaming enthusiasts. Being the largest supplier in the industry, Zone has more adult players than any other supplier. Also, with Zone’s products showing up in numerous television series in the past, producers know that the equipment offers fun and excitement for everyone involved.

Zone Laser Tag looks forward to working with the production team of “The Runner” to promote the excitement and health of the laser tag industry.

For those interested in taking part of “The Runner” television series, visit www.TheRunnerCasting.com and use the promotional code: TARA.

Zone Laser Tag has over 300 locations in North America and 800 worldwide.  Over 20 million players enjoy Zone Laser Tag annually.  For more information, please visit www.LASERTAG.com or call 866-966-3797.

The creators of a new TV series are looking for adult laser tag players to feature in the show.

The creators of a new TV series are looking for adult laser tag players to feature in the show.


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