LittleDuffer Mini Golf Answers a Demand for Low-cost Mini Golf

September 11, 2012 No Comments

LittleDuffer Mini Golf is launched as a low-cost indoor or outdoor modular miniature golf course for use by campgrounds, hotels, special events, fund raisers and rental companies, and many other users with limited budget and space. “Adventure Golf Services created LittleDuffer to answer the customer demand for a smaller and a more economically priced miniature golf course that looks good and is fun to play,” said Scott Lundmark, vice president.
“Low-cost fun is the focus of the new mini golf course and various obstacle options,” said course designer Arne Lundmark. “Fun happens with the use of a variety of props such as colorful rubber bumps, which can change the direction of the ball. Props such as a mini loop-de-loop or elevated golf hole cups, bridges make a great connection with all ages. We also offer optional colorful turf including red, yellow and other colors to add even more eye appeal for guests. Finally we have added a touch of whimsy with the golf hole edge, which is made from heavy rope.”
A nine-hole course fits into a 625-to-900-square-foot area depending on the number of ADA compliant golf holes desired, while the 18-hole course requires a 1,250-to-1,800-square-foot area, according to Scott Lundmark. The LittleDuffer modular product is the fourth modular product introduced by the company. Other models are AnyWhereLinks®, LawnCourt® and GolfCourt®. Other modular products include MiniLinks, MiniLinks Jr., and a variety of putting green products.
Adventure Golf
Services is a global leader in the design, building and installation of indoor / outdoor miniature golf and other golf-related, special application products. For more information visit the company online, call or circle 255 on the reader service card in this issue.


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