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Tips from the ILTA

February 16, 2012 No Comments
  • Create the Right Package: The target market for corporate events is, in general, middle management. Middle management tends to be in the 30-50-year-old range. As such, they are not as young as they once were and do not grasp the “complexities” of a laser tag game as easily as a pre-adolescent or a teenager does. Adults in this age range tend to want to “overcomplicate” items – creating a much more complex situation than is truly necessary. Therefore, it is wise that every corporate event should start with a solo warm-up game five minutes in length.
    In-store Marketing: In-store marketing is a critical element to successful corporate programming. There is a correlation between locations with successful corporate program and the presence of great in-store marketing. Marketing in the store can be achieved with flyers, posters and art.
    Internet Marketing: If your facility does not have a website, or even worse, if it has a poorly designed website, you are losing money. You are intentionally discarding one of the best sources for corporate business. Also, never make the customer call for pricing or place a statement like “Call for prices on Corporate Events” or “We offer a Team Building Package, as well as a Stress Relief Package. Call Bob at 555-5555.” If you have created a section on your website promoting Corporate Events, and someone clicks on that link, it means that they are interested in Corporate Packages. Give them what they want. –

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