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The leisure entertainment and amusement business is an evolving industry where the chance to learn and grow as an owner, manager or staff member is always present, a fact pointed out in this issue’s Business Strategies column. It’s very true that the poor economy has in no way spared out-of-home entertainment, but it also presents an opportunity to practice the smart operating procedures that are known to work while trying new strategies that encourage measured, steady growth for the future.  Working in partnership with the right companies for goods and services is one way to establish a foundation for success. This is our 2011 Who’s Who Buyer’s guide issue, and the feature presents a solid opportunity to expand your roster of high-quality vendors.

Interactivity has long been used as a tool to engage and entertain guests. In our Waves feature, we examine how interactive waterpark features keep the fun flowing. And in the zoo and aquarium section, we look at how these attractions are educating and entertaining visitors by reaching out with technology that guests can access onsite and from their own devices.

All-inclusive ticketing is certainly popular with guests, but with the right attractions some parks are adding supplemental revenue streams beyond the entrance price. Contributor Chad Emerson analyzes this phenomenon in The Large Park Report.

Additionally, we continue our comprehensive coverage for the family entertainment center industry with stories on financing, creating memorable party moments, winter maintenance tips for mini-golf and go-kart centers and how to increase food revenue at bowling centers.

Also on the topic of food service, we present stories on efforts at amusement parks and waterparks to offer value menu items in an effort to increase guest satisfaction, and the popularity of special events at maritime museums around the country.

The 2011 Amusement Expo/NBVA is slated for early March, and in our Street Beat section we offer stories on the outlook for the amusement vending industry and the most-popular toys and stickers for bulk vending operators.

We also offer pieces on how amusement rental companies are faring in their efforts to customize parties for clients, a wrap-up of the 2010 season and plans for the future at haunted attractions, upcoming dates for Foundations Entertainment University and news on new products available in the industry.

I hope you enjoy the issue. Please contact me with your comments, questions and suggestions at

Scott C. Borowsky
President and Executive Editor
Tourist Attractions and Parks magazine


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