Empex Playground Debuts in Beijing

October 30, 2010 No Comments

An Empex water playground has debuted in the state-of-the-art Beijing Happy Magic Watercube Indoor Waterpark. Designed by Forrec, the Beijing Watercube has made a fine transition from a former Olympic venue into an indoor waterpark for all seasons.
The Empex water playground is an area within the waterpark that caters to children up to age 12, and complements the larger waterslides and structures in the facility. The area has a central Aquadek climb and slide feature with a variety of small slides and water events creating a dynamic “Aquatecture” in the area. Surrounded by Aquatons spray features and ground jets, the area has become an exciting spraypark for children.
The area is controlled by an activation bollard, which when touched by the kids, starts a sequence of surprising water sprays and jets. Water comes up from the floor, shoots around and across from above ground water features, and dumps from above from tipping vessels. Children can interact with spray nozzles and events of all types. Turning a handwheel to provide different water events makes the kids feel in charge of the entertainment.
Designed for young children, the area offers a safe haven for the parents to allow their children to play with their own age group. The area of the spraypark is approx 5,000 square feet, and could easily accept 150 children. All products are fabricated from non-ferrous composite and specialty plastics, offering a lifetime corrosion warranty. Empex uses a unique design and fabrication that takes into consideration ease of construction, longevity and maintenance.
Most water playgrounds are constructed using metal components. Empex products use larger columns and tactile forms, and molding of the features offer a superior, unique and organic design with dynamic colors to accent.
The area is designed with two spraypark areas at the outer ends, and a beach-entry shallow pool in the central area. The spraypark area has no standing water, and water is re-circulated through a filtration system to maintain high water quality.


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